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message 1: by Amie (new)

Amie O'Brien | 280 comments Hey everyone!

I am trying to decide the best route with getting my ISBN # purchased for my paperback.

My ebook for same novel is already out but it was published through BookBaby and I purchased their BookBaby ISBN# last summer.

Now I am attempting my paperback version through Createspace. I have read a few times now in articles that it is ideally better to not take Createspace's free ISBN or purchase an ISBN through a reseller. Rather, purchase your own, either under your name or created imprint.

I plan to start with Createspace for standard distribution and try IngramSpark for expanded.

Question #1 - Will my e-book version of my novel with Bookbaby ISBN/Publisher be able to link to paperback, no matter what route I go? Meaning, no matter how someone begins to search for (or come across) my book, will they see the two options for purchasing it automatically once they've clicked on it? Ideally all the reviews too.

Question #2 - If I live in the USA and I buy my own ISBN and create an imprint name, do I have to register/file for a business? Or is it simply as easy as create a catchy name, search online to make sure no one is using it, and go? our addresses show up on file with the Imprint name? (This is one of those reasons I went with the BookBaby ISBN for my -book in the first place.)

Question #3 - Does the Universal ISBN offered by Createspace for $99 make the most sense? It says you can use an imprint, reuse the ISBN with other publishers, and it's still registered with BooksInPrint.

message 2: by Amie (new)

Amie O'Brien | 280 comments So this is a little odd, LOL. Me...answering my own questions :) But I put in a call to Createspace and a lovely gentleman helped me and so I thought it might be helpful to drop the info here for anyone who runs into the same question in the future.

Createspace WILL manually "marry" an ebook title with a different distributor-purchased ISBN with a paperback version that they distribute. It's not automatic, you must request them too, but no problemo ;)

Createspace said you CAN use your pen name for the publisher on record for an author purchased ISBN. You do not have to reveal your private info. If you go with a snazzy imprint name instead, you're not required to start a business by that name, but they do have to spend a couple extra days having Bowker make sure the name you made up is actually available and not tied to any other ISBN accounts already.

Finally, on the 'ol "Universal ISBN's", I found out that for sure I could use the same ISBN with Createspace (or Bookbaby), and Createspace has no trouble with me using that ISBN with them and then having that same ISBN be used simultaneously with IngramSpark (if Ingram shuts off the channel specifically to Amazon.) HOWEVER, he said I needed to first verify with Ingram Spark if THEY would accept a universal ISBN that I purchased through Createspace. So I submitted a help ticket with Ingram and am waiting. They don't seem to have the same nano second response time that Createspace had. It was like the Createspace guy was hooked up to me via IV! LOL

message 3: by Amie (new)

Amie O'Brien | 280 comments Bueler...Bueler.... (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

message 4: by J.B. (new)

J.B. Richards (amazoncomauthorjb_richards) | 20 comments Well, Amie, I don't know about anyone else, but you helped me out considerably since I had the same question! Thanks for doing the research and good luck with your writing!

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