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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Help need title romance with horses. [s]

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message 1: by Sandy (new)

Sandy | 26 comments I am looking for a romance book in which both heroine and hero enjoy riding horses. At times they race each other. The heroine pretends she doesn't like the hero but secretly does. I remember a scene where she spies on him at a party. She climbs a tree and eventually falls ontop of the hero which forces them to marry. She finds out he was married but his pregnant wife died. Once they marry the heroine begins to have dreams in which she thinks she may have been sexually assualted when she was younger . I remember another scene where the hero's former father in law uses something to hit the heroine over the head knocking her unconscious. When the hero comes in the former father in law tries to get the hero to look at his other daughter to marry. Anyone remember author or title? Thanks!

message 2: by JennyG (new)

JennyG | 536 comments That is a book by Catherine Coulter The Rebel Bride.


Clearly young Lady Katharine Brandon was a beauty, with her rich auburn hair, striking green eyes, flawless face and form. But a beauty was one thing Katharine clearly had no interest in being.

She dressed in a young man's breeches, practiced dueling with pistol and rapier, gambled with cards, defied her father's commands and evaded all suitors.

Imagine Katharine's surprise when the fabulously wealthy, notoriously pleasure-loving , Julien St. Clair, Earl of March, demanded her as his wife. Imagine her dismay when her father asked and received his price for yielding her to this man. But no one in all of English society could ever imagine what could happen when a lord who would not be denied and a woman who refused to be mastered turned marriage into a game in which it took far more than love to conquer all .... (less)

message 3: by Sandy (new)

Sandy | 26 comments I appreciate the reply and found a sample of the book and unfortunately that is not the book I am looking for. Thanks though JennyG.

message 4: by Sandy (new)

Sandy | 26 comments I just remembered that the heroine has a sister who the hero doesn't like because she always seems to be staring at his crotch.

message 5: by Sandy (new)

Sandy | 26 comments I remembered name of heroine was Jesse and that got me to find it is The Valentine Legacy by Catherine Coulter

message 6: by Kris (new)

Kris | 33251 comments Mod
Glad you found your book, Sandy. Here's the link - The Valentine Legacy by Catherine Coulter.

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