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Annette Hi Im Annett
What do you think about the characters in the FAYZ?
Who's you favorite and why or why not?
Do you think some of the Character might change?
What do you think might happen to them in the futur?

Basicly talk about any character and bla bla bla

lianna Hey, I'm Hallie (:
I'll number 'em off.
1. I love pretty much all of the characters in the FAYZ. Some I enjoy more than others, some I like just cause they're creepy and some because they're shy and such.
2. My all time favorite is Sam Temple, the main character. I know some people hate him but he's probably my total favorite ever. He's fragile and scared, yet heroic, brave and strong. I love how he's naturally the leader no matter what happens, yet he doesn't really inside what to be but he knows he's the best person to lead. And he's just fun to read about. Drake Merwin has always creeped me out like crap but he's interesting me more and more after he tortured Sam nearly to death in HUNGER. It's really kinda scary to read about Drake but he's making me more and more interested in him. And there's Astrid Ellison, of course, the brians. She's a good character, probably my second favorite, behind Sam. She's smart, brave, and a nice girl. I like reading about her and Sam (aren't they just so cute together?). And Diana Ladris kicks butt. She's my idol, I swear. She's such a bad girl that always wants her way but somehow she seems to be a good person at the same time. And yes, you cannot forget Quinn Gaither. He is such a average person. He's scared, a little bit of a coward. I enjoy reading him to be able to relate. I don't think I'd tell the enemis what my friends' powers were and such but I'd be scared and have almost the same reaction to the FAYZ as he did. Yes, yes Caine's a charmer. I like him too. Oh I almost forgot Brianna! That cutie (: I love reading about her, Breeze. And little Taylor is cute with her little (or big) crush on Mr. Temple (: I forgot Dekka! She's so powerful like and dealing with homosexuality is hard, I'm sure. Well I cannot be sure, seeing as I'm Straight, but still. She's powerful, smart, and interesting...and a good leader.
3. Honestly, I think some will change. I'm not sure who. Sam will be leader, as always. I know the title of the new book is LIES so somebody might switch sides and betray Sam (probably not Caine because Bug and Computer Jack already did that). I think, this is a wild guess here but I'm going to say it anyway to put it out there. Maybe Caine and Sam will team up sometime againist the new threat. It's probably not going to be each other because Michael can't run an entire series with just having Caine and Sam againist each other. It'd get boring...and quickly at that. Sam and Caine would be a great team and I'd find it interesting at their attempts to be nice to each other. I mean the fourth book is called PLAGUE. So if there was a plague or if the meaning is correct, then Caine and Sam might have to team up because both of their people on their sides are dying.
4. Hmmmm. Well. (: I had another crazy idea that Astrid might be the one to betray Sam. It'd be an interesting twist and Sam, of course, would be heartbroken if she left him. She's smart and she is one of the key people in Perdido Beach and it'd be really bad for the townies to loose her and her brians.

Olivia Edilio: He is like my #1 favorite because he's good at his job and sticks with it.
L.P: Petey is just a cute kid because all he does is just play his gameboy. I mean his powers creep me out but he's awesome.
Astrid: She's a very important character to Sam and other confusing, hungry kids. She's also kind and finds the good in people.
Computer Jack: Jack is a very weird, scared character even though he probably has the strength to kill Drake Merwin & Sam's twin brother Caine. He is a very weak personality for having the evil guys tell him what to do but he's always finding a way out and it's cute that he has a crush on Breeze.

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