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Sophia i hate this book

Grace That is like my favorite book what is not to like

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Hair I read this book in the fifth grade. I enjoyed it. A little boy with an instrument. What's not to like?

Ariel lol I read it in 5th grade it too... I personally liked it! It was really cute XD

Emma It was amazing! So sweet and wonderful.

Sandra Jones Buddy reminded me of what it was like to look at the adult world from a child's perspective. I was throughly charmed by Buddy and his rules for living. This is wonderful book for all ages.

Tanecia I also read this in fifth grade don't remeber much about the book was that I had to read it and I do think I liked it a lot back then so I say its good

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I love this book!!! this book was soooo good!!

Shay I loved it!!! XD

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This book was great

message 11: by em (new) - rated it 2 stars

em Also hated this book: plot line flat, too predictable. I mean, who couldn't figure our Herman was Bud's GRANDPA! God, like, if he was his dad, that would be creepy, he's waaaayyy too old.

Notty I didn't read it in the 5th grade, and didn't finish it now! I just found it to be lifeless, boring, and uninteresting, didn't finish it so no stars for this one:-(

Monique I loved the child perspective on a grown up world at the time. This book is one of my favorites because it had music, traveling, and the finding of family. It was obvious that Herman was Bud's grandfather but Bud is young and even though WE knew it, HE didn't. That's what makes all the difference in this story because the reader at the point is trying to find out how that 'secret' would be revealed to Bud and how he reacts.

Occamy Potter Occamy If you hate this book why did you post this?

Phillip This book made me cry D':


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