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J. Else (JElse) | 27 comments

Hiring Manager: Hello! Welcome to the interview for the HR position, Mery-ta-ten. Ahem, could you please share with us why you’re interested in this position?
Merytaten: Dua Netjer en ek!
Hiring Manager: Oops, excuse me. I forgot to turn on the universal translator. Okay, there. Could you repeat that?
Merytaten: Thank God for you! Blessings on your family for inviting me into your home…though your customs are strange. Food is usually served to guests of the house. Will we not be eating?
Hiring Manager: Oh, no. This isn’t my house. This is where I work. You’re here to apply for a job, right? Was that not communicated to you?
Merytaten: You are seeking my council! That is wise. Still, negotiations typically run smoother when served with food. You must speak to your king in this.
Hiring Manager: <rubs his forehead> Could you please state your name?
Merytaten: I am Merytaten, First Daughter to Pharaoh Akhenaten and heir to the Golden Throne. Have you been to the City of Light? Most of the construction has been completed now. The Temple of Aten is truly grand to behold.
Hiring Manager: Errrr…Would that be in California
Merytaten: The City of Light is the capital of the world.
Hiring Manager: I’m afraid I do not know where the city of light is then.
Merytaten: Do you mock me?
Hiring Manager: Oh no. Apologies for my…forgetfulness. Of course! The city of light! Yes, surely, I know where that is…because that’s where you’re from! *ahem* But we’re here about your application for a job.

Hiring Manager pulls up application. His jaw drops as he scans over it.

Hiring Manager: Are these pictures?  Is that a duck?
Merytaten: You do not read the Words of the Gods? I assumed that you were of noble birth. Were you not trained in the House of Life?
Hiring Manager: The house of life? I graduated from the University of Minnesota with honors, Miss Mery-ta-ten, if you’re implying I am uneducated.
Merytaten: And yet you cannot read the sacred script?
Hiring Manager: The Bible?
Merytaten: (sighs) The seed cannot sprout upwards without simultaneously sending roots into the ground.
Hiring Manager: Excuse me?
Merytaten: I try not to judge others. After all, the nut doesn't reveal the tree it contains. But you seem to be rather ill-equipped to be holding negotiations with a princess of Kemet. You do not follow the most basic customs in etiquette, you cannot read--granted, I did use the cursive script--and you do not even know the City of Light. Where is your king? I must speak with him about the men who represent his court.

message 2: by J. (new) - rated it 5 stars

J. Else (JElse) | 27 comments Hiring Manager: Miss Mery, I’m afraid there’s been--
Merytaten: It is Merytaten, First Daughter to Pharaoh Akhenaten, She who is beloved of Aten, NOT Mery.
Hiring Manager: Miss Merytaten, I’m not sure if there was a communications breakdown or what.  However, this is a job interview for an HR rep.  Thus far, you have not even answered me why you are interested in the position.  To save everyone’s time, if you’re not here to apply--
Merytaten: (standing) I am here at your behest.  Your servant informed me that my presence was requested at this appointed time, in this appointed place.  Have you led me here under false pretenses?
Hiring Manager: Heavens no, please do not misunderstand me.  (To himself) My assistant may have misdialed…by like one-thousand years!
Merytaten: Is it the Hittites you serve?  The Greeks, who think themselves enlightened above all others?  My country had pyramids scratching the floor of the God’s realm while those fair-skinned people lived in caves and feared the shadows on the walls!
Hiring Manager: I think I know that story.  Socrates?
Merytaten: So you are with the Greeks.  I will tell you again, we do not need your wine and pottery.  Our civilization can make our own!  My father’s second wife even has a vineyard of her own.
Hiring Manager: Your father’s second…(coughs uncomfortably).  You know, I believe the position we were interviewing for has just filled.  I’m sorry to have wasted your time, Miss Merytaten.

Hiring Manager stands and extends a hand to Merytaten.  She looks at it with disgust.

Merytaten: Are you asking for compensation?  Gifts of food and gold are only given to those loyal to the Horus Throne.
Hiring Manager: Don’t you shake hands in your city?
Merytaten: No.  Do you always lay your hands on royalty?
Hiring Manager: (Dropping his hand) So. This has certainly been an awkward experience.  Did you need my assistant to see you out?

Hiring Manager walks to the door and opens it. It takes him a moment to realize there are two very tall, muscled guards standing outside the door, arms crossed, and dressed in a similar style to Merytaten.  The manager takes a step back.
Hiring Manager: Are…are they with you?
Merytaten stands up gracefully and glides over to the doorway.
Merytaten: They are my personal guards.  I wish I could say that our time has been pleasurable, but I’m afraid there has been some unfortunate breeches in etiquette.  I hope your king will be merciful after I send my correspondence summarizing this meeting.  I’ve known some kings to execute their messengers if they do not deliver good news.  Surely your king can read the Words of the Gods?
Hiring Manager: I think you’ve got us both at a disadvantage there.
Merytaten: Well, this has certainly been an enlightening experience.  Guards!
Merytaten strides out the door.  One guard takes position in front and the second behind her.  They begin to depart, but Merytaten stops after a couple steps and looks back through the door.

Merytaten: I hope the next time you host a princess, you learn a bit more about our customs.  And at least put on some proper attire.  That dull dray housecoat, red noose around your neck, and gray pants are quite ridiculous-looking.
With that, Merytaten and her entourage make a swift exit.
Hiring Manager: (loosening his tie) Noose isn't quite the word I was looking for...

message 3: by Wordwizard (new)

Wordwizard (WordwizardW) | 29 comments This was fun to read, but does it fulfill the requirements that the person be interviewing for the job? This princess wasn't looking for any kind of job.

"This short story began as a challenge that a few of us who love writing historical fiction set for ourselves. We were to pick an historical character from one of our books and have that character interview for a job in current day, 2017."

message 4: by J. (new) - rated it 5 stars

J. Else (JElse) | 27 comments Wordwizard wrote: "This was fun to read, but does it fulfill the requirements that the person be interviewing for the job? This princess wasn't looking for any kind of job.

"This short story began as a challenge tha..."

There is a scene of miscommunication. Merytaten thought she was being summoned to a royal house. The hiring manager thought she was the person who applied for a job. Like he mentioned, his assistant definitely misdialed! "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

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