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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. NA/YA? Romance. Girl is in a relationship with the person who attacked her. [s]

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Alyssa Marie | 2 comments So I read this book in 2015 and it's pretty much the development of this guy and girls relationship over the years.
The only part that I can remember from the book (however, I'm not to sure if this is even correct because I've been trying to find this book for so long that I might just be creating my own story in my head at this point) is that the guy and girl go to a cabin I think. Not to sure if it was just them or with a group. I remember that the girl goes out for a run at night and ends up being attacked/raped (I think). The couple breaks up and sometime later the girl ends up in a relationship with her attacker. Later on the couple are finally together again.

☆Joycedale☆ | 225 comments It's Undo Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #3) by M. Robinson that story was so heartbreaking

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Alyssa Marie | 2 comments ☆Joycedale☆ wrote: "It's Undo Me (The Good Ol' Boys, #3) by M. Robinson that story was so heartbreaking"

That's the book. Thanks so much!

☆Joycedale☆ | 225 comments No problem!

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