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Why Didn't Heathcliff Commit Suicide?
Escortgamer Escortgamer Feb 05, 2017 09:36PM
If Heathcliff truly loved Catherine so much that he could only live in hell while she is dead, then why didn't he just kill himself to join her in the next world??? So perplexing!

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Well, he did.
He wanted Catherine, but his heart craved vengeance too.
If he'd committed suicide at the start of the novel, he wouldn't have been able to retaliate Hindley or make Linton suffer.
Once he's done that, at the end of the novel, he stops eating, and I guess he does so because he wants to die. Nelly didn't mention this, but I would deem it suicide, considering that he died of starvation.

I never understood that either. Like revenge by marrying his son seemed silly, but it did give him Wuthering Heights and Thurshcross Grange.
I guess madness makes a better ending(?) but I agree if the end was to die and be together in death it didn't make sense.

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Escortgamer I was thinking it was perhaps due to his delusion that Catherine was perhaps alive, that she was somewhat distinctly real to him. He remarked right af ...more
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Fantastic book) i like it very much)

If Heathcliff had no certainty of an afterlife, he could not be sure that he would be reunited with Cathy - he does ask her to haunt him, but does she?- and so perhaps the closest he can be to her is to live beside the Moors they loved...

Imo, Heathcliff continued on until he felt he had won the battle against the outside world that rejected him. he had conquered all that had taken Cathy away from him. His heart was broken because she chose Edgar (who represented the class system in Britain) over him. She chose head (practical, rules) over heart. He had to destroy that so he could prove he was worthy of her.

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