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Kris (xokristim) | 114 comments Mod
let's chat!!

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Kris (xokristim) | 114 comments Mod
I really enjoyed the whole section. I found it all so interesting but I'm not going to write more for the same reason I didn't on the last section because I know what happens in the end.

Lilkadykitty :) | 98 comments Mod
This section had me thinking of what all is going on. I liked that Micheal came to see Chris considering what has happen to his daughter he is still willing to talk to Chris. Chris's reaction to finding out about the baby was something. It made since that he fainted because it hit him out of know where but like he said he would of been willing to work with Em and take care of the baby instead of Em taking two lives. I know that it is a minor relationship in the book but I am concerned for Jordan and Thomas's relationship. The way the view females is concerning. I feel as though with Thomas going to be with his mom for the holiday what says he would come back. The ending of this section was an interesting little cliffhanger between Gus and Micheal. Where Micheal offered to get them coffee. I wounder what he has up his sleeve. Part of me wished that Chris kept his temper down while he is waiting trial. He did not have to get into it with that one guy. I thought Jordan to him to not get into any trouble and yet he goes out and starts something with another in mate. Okay I think i am done here.

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Kris (xokristim) | 114 comments Mod
I think all of the characters are just so well written in this book!

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