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The fourth book. Not the final book though (thank you Christopher Paolini! Or we might've all just died :))

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Inheritance is the fourth book and it ends in a total cliffhanger and if Christopher Paolini wasn't writing Book 5 I think we would all die. :) ;)

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Oh. I just realized that Arya does kiss Eragon before he leaves for Vroengard. Just on the brow, but still a kiss. I wish that Paolini goes into better description about that moment though. A brush or rose petals, or something like that!

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments He should also have had Eragon fight a giant íllgrathr!

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? Something from HP?

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Íllgrathr, burrow grubs! íllgrathr translates to "ill hunger"

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments From book 4 Eragon, Galbatorix tortures Nasuada with one of them.

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Eragon also finds them on Vroengard.

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That is right! I will never look a slug in the face again ;)

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments I think íllgrathr are more like maggots. Also, do slugs even have discernible faces?

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Probably not.

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THE SNALGI!!!!!!!! I still want them to full on kiss. A kiss on the brow isn't a true kiss :) they need to truly fully kiss like they're in love because they're in love :)

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I KNOW! Common Arya, you love him, succumb to your feelings. Let your love reach out to him! The sees can not hold you back!

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Definitely! I mean jeez just kiss! It ain't that hard! (I wouldn't know, but still) it's like they're aware the readers are watching, and they're like, "nope, I'll kiss him on the brow, but that's it"

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Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, I don't know how to explain it. If I were him, and she was ok, I would kiss her probably too much! ;) LOl I am just thirteen and ...

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lol I'm only 12 and was urging them to kiss. I was so ticked when they didn't at the end.

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Yah I wonder if Christopher Paolini has any experience to back up the kiss in the next book that I assume is coming!

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Lol. I don't think it's that hard to imagine ;)

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments I hope that happens! Maybe it'll happen at the end of the fifth, or they'll get into a relationship by the middle!

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments I wonder how that would work? Maybe they don't tell anyone! There's so much I want to know!

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There's way too much we need to know!!!!!!

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Maybe I should ask Paolini himself? Do you think he would respond? Maybe he's to busy, but I'll ask anyways.

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He would probably respond. It might be a little while but I'm sure he will. He responded when I messaged him awhile back about some stuff. But it took him several hours

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Ok. I just asked. Let's watch and wait, I guess.

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Let's hope for the best, litil loivissa.

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Fingers crossed fricai

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Well, it's a school night, I'll check in the morning. Good night, loivissa. :)

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Ok. Good night fricai :)

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Good night youngling! ;)

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Morning all! Ben, here's a URL for an English to ancient language!

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Thank you vinr älfakyn!

message 36: by Asterion (new)

Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Haha, I see you have been learning, fricai!

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments Found an auto-translator site!

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Sem er great!

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Asterion (Yimsel) | 520 comments What? I think autocorrect is out to get you... "Sem er great"?

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That is great!

Emily of the Riders | 21 comments The site only translates words already in the language.
Also, this is interesting. It is about prophecy and foresight in Inheritance.
I was re-reading and I realized that there is a premontion that never happened. In Brisingr, page 252, Eragon dreams of "a circular stone city in the middle of an endless plain and a small girl who wandered among the narrow, winding alleys within and sang a haunting song". Not sure if that is for book five, but yeah.

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Emily of the Riders | 21 comments Not really about the girl, although she might be. It is really about the city and how it doesn't exist.

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Ilirea? Vroenguard?

Emily of the Riders | 21 comments Actually, those could be it. Smart! I hope it will be book V. That would be interesting.

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Emily how many times have you read the Inheritance Cycle?

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I can only say thrice. Next, I want to read them in French.

Emily of the Riders | 21 comments Kvetha Fricai!
I don't know... I have lost count. Total, about 13 times? Somewhere around there.

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