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message 1: by Meghana (new)

Meghana Sarathy | 5 comments I recently opened my own website where I offer free book reviewing as well as beta reading services.
This is the link for the same:

message 2: by Reno (new)

Reno Bastian (Calapsic) | 7 comments Sagarika wrote: "I recently opened my own website where I offer free book reviewing as well as beta reading services.
This is the link for the same:"
Nice i wish i wrote romance :D! Sweet of you though.

message 3: by Bart (new)

Bart Tracer | 3 comments Do you review erotica books?

message 4: by Meghana (new)

Meghana Sarathy | 5 comments Occasionally I read erotica. I want it to have a compelling story. Fill out the form and I will have a look at it

message 5: by Bart (new)

Bart Tracer | 3 comments Thank you. The book for which I would like to get a few more reviews is "Shaken in her Boots, Volume 2". It is available for free on KindleUnlimited

Bill and Elizabeth both enjoyed the evening they spent with Lance, their first foray into the erotic world of wife watching. But now that they had crossed that line, could they ever return to the marriage they had before? And more importantly, did they want to?

No matter how hard they tried to avoid the topic, the specter of what they had done was always there, burning in the background, hanging over them like the sword of Damocles. The handsome Lance had invited the young couple to join him at his ranch over Thanksgiving, leaving them with a dilemma: did they dare accept, knowing full well it would likely end in more debauchery? Could either of them resist the siren call of another round of hot, illicit sex with this hunky cowboy?

message 6: by Meghana (new)

Meghana Sarathy | 5 comments This is MFM kind of romance right? I am sorry but I prefer reading only M/F stuff. I have mentioned the same in my review request page too

message 7: by Bart (new)

Bart Tracer | 3 comments Yes. It is. Thank you anyway.

message 8: by Manfred (new)

Manfred Manfred (goodreadscommanfred-nightopium) | 10 comments Do you read YA Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance?

message 9: by Brian (new)

Brian | 3 comments Hello,
If you'd like to review my new novel, it's called "Kissing the Intern: A Multicultural Romance."
Kissing the Intern A Multicultural Romance by Brian Terenna
Here is the Amazon Link

message 10: by Erin (new)

Erin Daniels | 32 comments I feel like an idiot - I found the review guidelines but not the actual link to the google form. Can anyone link to it here for me?

message 11: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia Kane | 3 comments Hi Meghana,
Would you be interested in doing a review for a short (9000 word) erotica piece? I tried to look for your request form on your page but could not find it so I thought I'd make the request here.
Thanks for your consideration. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it :)

It's a new release and available on KU.

Lily's mild flirtation with the bad boy bartender at the hottest lounge in the city quickly turns into a ride she doesn't want to forget, and he makes sure that she doesn't. He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants.

She's been a straight laced relationship type of woman for too long, never wandering far off the beaten path. Left hurt by her ex, she decides to find out what's on the wilder side, and who better to discover that with than the gorgeous man who mixes her favorite cocktails?

She knows he's trouble.. and irresistible. And she can't say no.

message 12: by Surabhi (last edited Jul 15, 2017 02:32AM) (new)

Surabhi Jain | 3 comments hey megha,
Your review will be highly appreciated and it will give me insight regarding my book.
You can find it free of cost on

Waiting eagerly for you to consider reading it.

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