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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical fiction set pre-WW2 about father and daughters. [s]

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Vallie | 3 comments I'm looking for a historical fiction book, set pre - post WW2. It's about a European man (either English or Swedish I believe) who is an Ambassador to various countries over the course of the book. He marries a troubled young woman who excels at the violin, he also has an affair with a young Asian woman - either Japanese or Chinese.
Over the course of the book the focus shifts to his three daughters. He has a plain, unattractive daughter, a beautiful flighty one, and a daughter that is only half white and experiences different trials because of this fact.
During WW2 they are briefly held and interrogated by Japanese soldiers, one of whom falls in love with the beautiful flighty daughter. Years later the Japanese soldier see the daughter again and almost has an affair with her, but refrains because she is now a mother.
I could *swear* the title had something to do with Dragons. I thought it was "in the time of Dragons" but google search is doing nothing for me.
It's an older book, published pre 2000.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4782 comments Sounds like Too Deep for Tears Too Deep for Tears (Victorian Trilogy, #1) by Kathryn Lynn Davis .

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Vallie | 3 comments Thank you for the suggestion! I just downloaded it into my kindle and started to read it. Sadly, it's not the book I was looking for. It is similar in many aspects but the book I'm thinking of the father kept his daughters with him as they grew up; but thank you for the suggestion! It's the closest I've come in awhile.

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Vallie | 3 comments Oh my gosh! You found it!!!!

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