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The Mortal Instruments > Any advices for those who finished the TMI series?

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Luana (thegirlwholived_) | 3 comments How do you deal with finishing your favourite book series?

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Suzi Evelyn (suzievelyn) | 54 comments What I did after TMI was watch Season 1 of the tv show straight through. Wait no, before that I sat there and cried (gotta get the tears out first). Then I read some fanfiction and wrote some of my own, which actually took place over a few months. I read stuff during that time, but most of it wasn't as good as TMI, or it was Lady Midnight and TID. For a post-TMI series, I would recommend Six of Crows. It's really good. I also recommend a lot of fanart. And, good news, a TMI coloring book came out recently. I hope this helps.

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