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Disconnections with Desperate Duchess

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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen Was any else disconcerted by the number of inconsistencies in Seven Minutes in Heaven?

Ignoring the resurrected dead character (which EJ already addressed) and the change in Teddy's eye color change mid story which is just bad editing, Teddy/Ward's past and relationships do not align with Desperate Duchesses at all.

The Duchess of Beaumont and Lord Gryffyn are brother and sister, aged 28 and 29 respectively and quite close in Desperate Duchess. Lord Gryffyn's son Teddy/Ward is 5 at the beginning of the story. This means Lord Gryffyn was 24 when Teddy/Ward was born (not 19 as claimed in Seven Minutes in Heaven). Additionally, the hero has no knowledge of the Duke and Duchess of Beaumont's heir Even and tells Villiers that he is not his cousin but a "distant cousin through his step-mother." Since Lord Gryffyn and Duchess of Beaumont are siblings Even would be a first cousin through his father not step-mother. Did Lord Gryffyn and the Duchess of Beaumont have a falling out that would have kept their kids from knowing each other. Teddy/Ward later acknowledges that the Duke of Beaumont is is uncle but never acknowledges the Duchess of Beaumont as his aunt.

The ton is a very small place and while I was willing to suspend disbelief that Teddy/Ward and Eugenia had never met, since Lord Strange and Lord Gryffyn never seemed particularly close, and that Teddy/Ward knew Villiers well enough to be a virtual godson, as perhaps Lord Gryffyn and Villiers became close after the series closed, but I cannot believe that Teddy/Ward would not know Evan was his cousin nor anything about him like his age.

It was implied the couples of Desperate Duchesses remained close -hence them all still having parties together, and Teddy/Ward knew the Cosgroves well enough to know fighting was their form of foreplay but he did not know his own cousin or even that Even was his cousin?

I have only read the books once each and it pains me to think I remember these characters and stories better than the author. Was anyone else bothered by these inconsistencies?

message 2: by Grace (new)

Grace Regan Where does EJ address the resurrected Duchess of Gilner?

message 3: by Karen (new)

Karen Grace wrote: "Where does EJ address the resurrected Duchess of Gilner?"

It was in the back of the book in the section titled "Naughty Children, Pets Rats, and Pornographic Cigar Boxes"

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