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Lets talk- did you like it? The plot? the characters? Did you find it slow?

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Sarah (Real Life Fiction) I personally enjoyed this book. I thought the plot was great, however the beginning was a bit slow. I loved the characters. I posted a full review of it on my account but I wont bore you to death on the discussion page XD. I would love to hear your thoughts though!

Maya I kind of enjoyed it. It was a tad slow paced for me. It took a while to develop the characters and their personalities.

Gabe Alot of drama but has some action better than divergent

madalynn abele I liked it a lot. The only thing that really bothered me was the whole "Carve the Mark" aspect. Like, when they kill someone, they carve into their own arm? Isn't that kind of... suggestive?

Cassie I was actually disappointed with this. I loved Divergent and Allegiant. To me, I was drawn to the relationships her characters had with each other in the Divergent series, and that's what really made me keep wanting to read more. With Carve the Mark, there was more world building. While I think the world she created was cool, I didn't necessarily need it all, and I think some of the relationships she's so good at writing about fell to the side a little.

Sarah⭐ The Ultimate Book Hoarder It was okay, meh. The world building was great, I really enjoyed learning about all the different planets and such. The plot was also okay, the plot-twist at the end of the novel was kinda weird though... Why was Cyra's brother (forgot his name haha) ruling while their father is still alive?? On the more controversial side of the novel, I didn't find the whole carve the mark aspect to be offensive, I thought it was a cool concept to have physical consequences for the pain they'd inflicted upon their victims. On another note, I didn't really care about the characters that much, Cyra was the only character I was interested in but quickly lost interest. Overall, I don't think I will continue with this series. I'll just wiki to find out what happens in the next few books.

Veronica liked it. but plot was slow. i could not see the author in the characters. normally when my favorite author writes his or her second series i am able to picture the said authors previous book's characters in the current one. so it felt slightly off. otherwise it was a pretty good dystopian novel. will read the next one as well.

Malia I really liked this book. Cyra was such a strong protagonist and I loves how her and Akos' relationship evolved. Veronica Roth did an amazing job with this book.

Emma Foxtail I really like this book, the plot,characters. Yes it was slow but that's always with fantasy/scifi books. ( i hope that i'm not the only one who hated the ending like cliff-hanger) - sorry for bad English

⭐Anni⭐ (Book Princess) I liked the idea and the world building, but I couldn't get into it. It was very slow for me and somewhat complicated. I wanted to like it so badly but I didn't really enjoy it.

Dóra Pödör For me this book was a bit of disappointment. I liked the world that it created, it was amazing and the idea that the story held was interesting and creative. BUT...the characters and the plot were too much divergent like for me. It really made me think of her previous books and although I'm waiting for the next one, I feel like this was not the best book I've read.

Nikki I loved this book. It was a little slow in the beginning, but the book made up for it in the end. I honestly couldn't put this book down. Akos was amazing, I fell in love with his character, and Cyra was such a strong female protagonist. Though this book was a little hard to follow, I thought it was a wonderful, enticing story.

message 13: by Lori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lori Rodriguez Yes it was sort of slow to read, but over all it was a good book. There are moment you just want to skip but my favorite parts are when the two main characters connect through their combat training. Eventually falling in love.

Misty It was sort of slow in the beginning but I fell in love with the characters and once things picked up I was hooked. I can't wait for the next one to come out.

message 15: by Nikkitaronins (new)

Nikkitaronins can someone explain why Letty had to die? did her parent forget to tell her that her father sacrificed himself?

message 16: by K.E. (new) - rated it 3 stars

K.E. Woodruff Sadly, I didn't enjoy this one. The overall concept of the setting was kinda cool and I was intrigued by the opening chapter. But I never enjoyed the characters in this story. I also didn't care for Roth's writing style in this book. By the end, I was bored and ready to put this one down.

bookworm12 the first few chapters are kind of slow but then I was sucked into a world of adventure and romance and can't wait for the next book.

message 18: by Abby (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abby I personally liked the book. The beginning was a little slow though . The characters were great honestly. I fell in love with the story over and over again.

message 19: by Hope (new) - rated it 4 stars

Hope Mckenney It was difficult to get in to. Initially. I listened to the book on audio book for some of it and then later transitioned back to the original copy that I got. And I will have to say that it is easier to follow along in the book and that I was having some trips when I would go back to the audio book and found out that I was pronouncing the names differently. (but that's the fun of it right?)
I felt like I could relate to her because of how much pain she is in. And how much she tries. The kind of effort that you see out of Cyra in just trying to be true to her heritage and come out of everything alive. If there is anything I love about her it is her will to continue to live in the situation that has been given to her without her ability to control her birth.
And Akos is such a salve when it comes to that pain in displaying the right amount of forwardness and the right amount of empathy and calm. Without the recognition of what their powers are they would still be perfect for each other. This is why I like romances in the magical sense. I like that some authors make it a point to show that people should not just be together because of the outside factors of life but who they are and what character salves the wounds that they have and heals them in ways that no one else does.

Nadia I loved everything about this book; the fact that they carved marks n their arms, the characters, the plot, the pace, the creativity of the way the author told the story and the world the story was played out in, the pace of the story, everything

Amber I loved the book! I agree with the others though, the beginning is a bit to slow for me.

Phoenix2 It was a nice ride. I loved the characters and their character development, though the love story was kind of rush. The action was plenty and the whole mythology was interesting, with some solid plot twists. But, for me at least, some parts were repeated way too many times and the names of places and the new words were confusing and made the progress of reading it slow : (

Kylie The book started off slow for me, mainly because I was trying to understand the world it was taking place in. And I struggled with some of the names in the beginning. After I finished the book I realized there’s a glossary at the end, so I would suggest looking it over first to help understand the concept faster.

I really liked the characters Cyra and Akos. They each had their own personal struggles, with one being hardened by a belief that she was a bad person who deserved her pain because of her past actions, and the other conflicted with the idea of atoning for mistakes he believes put himself and his loved ones in danger as well as the struggle to survive and accept his fate. It was nice to see a male character who is still strong but vulnerable as far as his moral compass and to see Cyra begin to realize she was someone of worth and could choose to change because of it. I was glad that their relationship didn’t develop too rapidly on the physical side, especially considering their age, but I still would have liked to see them connect a little more emotionally. Their relationship was overshadowed by the violence and descriptions of further world development at times.

As far as age rating, I would say 13+ due mostly to the violence. Stabbings, torture, poisoning, emotional trauma, and a suicide by a non-main character.The language wasn’t too strong, mostly some relation to sh** or da**. Kissing and mildly describing attraction is about the extent of sexuality. There is mention of a gay couple. Many people use plant concoctions for medicinal and some recreational purposes

message 24: by Sky (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sky Although hard to get into at first, it turned out decent. A lot of the characters were pretty bland. The romance between Akos and Cyra is just ehh.

The plot was interesting, and the world building wasn’t too confusing for me.
The ending was probably my favorite part.

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