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kaya (ananats) | 225 comments Mod
is the room everyone is jealous of. LARGE, full of paper
and tables, and usually o n l y occupied by a few students, its gigantic sheets of butcher's paper stained
by c o f f e e mugs and graphite.

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dyanne | 69 comments
Min-jung did not like this boy.

What was his name again? Something stupid. The kind of name you'd want to forget. Much like his deep, monotone, awful voice, a voice that made Min-jung want to sedate herself. From the moment he first opened his mouth, she knew that if she ever opened hers to reply, she'd only end up offending him. Which normally wouldn't matter but... it was only her third day, which meant she should try to make a decent first impression. So she made the mature choice—clenching her jaw and biting her tongue and making faces at the back of his head when he wasn't looking.

She kept her mouth shut, even when he paused for questions and dear god, there were so many she wanted to ask. Questions such as, if he was going to give a tour to a Stephenson student, why did he have to start with the sun sector? Was he stupid? Did she look like a fighter? Why was he walking so fast? Who cared about the new model blasters?

When they finally, finally reached the Stephenson sector and they entered this room... Fuck. Fuck. It was love at first sight. Behold, Kwak Min-jung. Previous Sexuality: bisexual. Current sexuality: architecture drawing room.

"Shhh. Don't ruin this room with your voice." Oops. There went the decent first impression.

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dyanne | 69 comments
Wow, so this boy could express human emotions with his voice. Who would've guessed? Not Min-jung, that was for sure.

It was still fairly easy to tune out. Except for that last part, where his voice got all high and squeaky and it was just as unpleasant as it was before, except somehow worse and Min-jung decided that maybe she would take monotone 97 year-old about to get a tracheotomy over teenage! puberty relapse.

"Sorry," she muttered halfheartedly, a second too late. Because, yeah no, she wasn't sorry at all. Maybe if he, as a member of the Stephenson welcoming committee, had sounded a bit more... y'know... welcoming, in the first place, she would've been more sympathetic. But Min-jung was getting the very distinct feeling that this boy wasn't too fond of her either. So.

Besides, she just wanted to take in this goddamn room. With the huge rolls of butcher paper and windows everywhere and industrial coffee machines and tables scrawled with pencil marks and stray protractors and— and—

And his fucking voice, for the love of god. "I'm sorry, I mean this in the nicest way possible, I swear, but could you maybe shut up?"

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dyanne | 69 comments
Min-jung stared very intently at the boy in front of her, trying to meet his gaze without making herself look stupid (which was hard because Min-jung was like, 5'4" on a good day and this boy in front of her was over 6 feet tall). What was he playing at? Who did he work for? She thought once she got into INSA, the questions would stop, but—

"Ha. ha. Okay, pretty boy, which outlet do you come from? Daily Mail? The Sun? Oh my god, no, it must be the Morning Star, isn't it? You're probably not even a real member of the welcoming committee aren't you?"

God, Minjung was so stupid. Of course. Of course these fucking tabloids had inside sources, even at INSA. Would she ever escape this? Min-jung used to like being famous. She loved when she went to Disneyland and got fast-passes to everything because she was Lola Sun and when she caught cute boys tried to discreetly take photos of her because look, that's Ellie Kim. But then her contract expired and someone posted that video they took of a Very Drunk Min-jung lip-syncing Very Badly at a nightclub and suddenly, she was a very different kind of famous.

The boy opened his mouth to say something, but Min-jung beat him to it. Like hell she was going to let him interrupt her.

"Yeah, that's right. I'm Ellie Kim. I'm Lola Sun. Yeah, I know, I'm even prettier in person than I am on TV. What do you want? An autograph? A kiss? The names of the guys I've fucked? If you're going to ask questions, might as well ask the ones people actually care about."

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dyanne | 69 comments
"It's Min-jung," Min-jung snapped. "What kind of welcomer are you— not even knowing the name of the girl you're giving the tour to. God."

Did he seriously not know who she was? Was that even possible? Maybe he was an alien. This was a international space academy, after all. Or— even worse, he could be one of those home school freaks. Oh my god, did he even know what a television was? Did he know tabloids existed? Maybe he had spent the first sixteen years of his life cut off from the rest of the human world and— nope, that was just the plotline of the show that aired in the slot before hers.

Still, it's not like those kinds of stories didn't exist in real life. She didn't understand how he didn't know her. Ellie Kim!!!! He honestly didn't have an excuse, now that she thought about it. If he was from like, Russia or something, it would make sense, but he was Korean. Every Korean knew Ellie Kim. She was practically a household name. So then— how—

Min-jung stared very intently at this boy, stepping closer to him in her four inch platforms, deciding to forget about manners or dignity to try and get a good look at his face because— "Then why the hell did you ask me all those questions? What was I supposed to think? Do you think you're being funny? Do you seriously not know who I am? Are you an alien? Are you actually Korean?"

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dyanne | 69 comments
"It's not an interrogation." Min-jung snapped back without missing a beat, wondering for a split second why such a flippant statement made her feel so... offended. It's not like this boy meant anything to her (other than general disgust and dislike). It's not even like he was cute (okay, he was, but that voice).

And how was it that he didn't know who she was? Twenty years and three months? Holy shit, first of all, did he keep track of the months he'd been alive? What an asshole. Second of all, okay, maybe Min-jung had been a little rash. Maybe she'd gotten a little too much with her conspiracy theorist role. Maybe she should be a decent human being an apologize. But.

But. She wasn't sorry. "Besides, who the fu—heck doesn't know the name of the person they give tours to? You're part of the welcoming committee? Oh, that's rich. Also, you're the one who interrogated me first, dumbass, so don't try to get out of this by pinning it on the short girl."

He had been the asshole first. And with that travesty of a voice, she sure as hell wasn't going to let him get the best of her.

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