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kaya (ananats) | 225 comments Mod
THE SPDT ROOM, affectionately referred
to as the engine room, is where most design &
students spend the majority of their
TIME. with dozens of computers, tons of heavy
, and a few engineered asteroids, it's slightly
BIZARRE to people who haven't been there before.

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dyanne | 69 comments
No no no no no no. Ryan was late. He had already racked up an impressive 21 tardies this school year— apparently, now that tally would go up to 22. Look, it's not like he had meant to be late. It couldn't be helped that when Ryan became engrossed in something (*cough* ship building), time was a non-existent entity which bore no relevance until he finished that something (*coughs louder* ship building), at which he became excruciatingly aware of the fact that he was seventeen!! minutes late to his physics class.

Look, if this was any other day, Ryan would totally have seen the empty spray paint cannister near the doorway. And if this was any other day, Ryan would have also totally not tripped over said cannister as he was trying to open the door. And look, if this was any other day, Ryan would totally not have collided into a student leaning against said doorway like a total moron. But apparently— this was not "any other day".

And that's exactly what happened.

Ryan yelped, instinctively grabbing the doorframe to stop himself from falling onto the boy. "Oh my god, I'm sorry..." What was his name? Fuck, Ryan knew this. The pilot, with the blonde hair, and the— nope. he didn't know this. Well.

"I'm really sorry, God. Um. Is there anything I can help you with?

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dyanne | 69 comments
Ryan's brain said, Fuckshit, you're late. But Ryan's mouth said, "Nonono— I nearly just killed you it's the least I could do."

Well, fuck. Oh well— now that Ryan thought about it, being marked absent probably wasn't as bad as being marked tardy for the 22nd time. Who needed physics, anyway? Engineers, physics teachers... Yep, that was it. Suddenly, it seemed straight up stupid that Ryan had been so worried about physics just a minute ago. He looked at the boy (What was his name?) in front of him and grinned excitedly. "Okay, let's go check out your ship."

He typed in the passcode into engine room and led the boy in through the huge double doors. Moving through the unwieldy machinery with ease, Ryan suddenly stopped in front of what he assumed was the boy's spaceship, aka the only intact spaceship in the room. "Wow." Ryan had been told his entire life he fell in love with people too easily, but what most people failed to notice was that Ryan also fell in love with spaceships too easily as well.

"What's her name?" He asked, biting his tongue so he wouldn't ask the more important and pressing question— What's yours?

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