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THE ENGINEERING LAB is most students'
favourite room, with wall-to-wall shelves stacked with DUCT TAPE, benches cluttered with half-finished
projects and god knows what else.

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A leak. He'd spent twenty-nine hours working on this bloody project, only to watch as it crumpled like a soft drink can underfoot. Ash kicked the offending machinery, his steel-capped boots let's stick to just one cyborg body part, thanks only just denting the surface. The now brutally mutilated "working" well, it was supposed to work, anyway model lay dismally on one of the workbenches, while Ash struggled to find a solution to the problem and his hundred and ten-year-old laptop struggled to load the model on its rather pathetic CAD program.

Who the hell still used a Macbook Air with Google bloody Sketchup? ( Ashley, who couldn't afford a better laptop and could fix this one with his eyes closed. )

As he waited for the spinning rainbow circle to disappear ( God, that thing was annoying ), Ash tried to repair the crumpled model, surrounding each break with several layers of duct tape. It was by no means a permanent solution the only permanent one would be finding and fixing the problem, when his bloody laptop finished being a fool but if a teacher walked in it would look like he actually knew what he was doing ( of course, he did, but breaking your project wasn't exactly good for your grades ).

this is short i'm sorry, it took forever and i wanted to get it posted

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Ema (gee-fiera) Kaylee should really preface her presence anywhere with a sign reading 'I'm an artist, I'm here for the aesthetic.' That was the main reason she ended up in places unusual for an architecture student, after all. Chasing a new image, a vision of beauty, drove Kaylee's mind and directed her feet.

When she wasn't in class, that is.

Though, the engineering lab wasn't technically an odd place for her to be. It was still in her Sector, after all. But she didn't go there often, which might be seen as weird — it depended on who you were, really, Kaylee thought. Other than art and one project gone wrong that she'd done in her second year, the room held nothing for her, not like it did for the engineers. You know, the people the room was designed for.

Kaylee was wrapped up in her thoughts when she pushed open the doors to the lab with a bang. She had her sketchpad — wider than she was and almost double the height of her torso — balanced in both hands, extended in front of her like a hoop skirt; a case of watercolors was tucked under one arm while two paintbrushes and three pencils gathered in her mouth. She'd backed into the door to open it, which was why she had banged it. Balancing all that was hard, you know.

((You're all good fam. Here's my human disaster))

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The door banged open, and Ash turned to look, cursing his ridiculously slow laptop and its blasted spinning rainbow of doom. He recognised the girl as an architecture student ( no, he does not have an encyclopedic memory of all the other students in the sector, there's a lot of them ), and raised an eyebrow at the massive sketchpad and other art supplies. "Do you need help with that?"

Architecture students. Some of them were God's greatest gift to the world, and some of them... well, he couldn't find a polite way to explain them, put it that way. Ashley found them deeply irritating, with their illogicality and obsession with ridiculously impractical designs. They didn't seem to understand how annoying it was to have to fix their mistakes and explain that no, their stupid artistic mess would not be structurally sound nor would it work without breaking several laws of physics.

But she didn't seem to be here for force calculations, so maybe he would get through this with his brain relatively intact. Or then again, maybe he'd die of frustration before he could get out of here. Generally, Ash considered himself an optimist. But when it came to architecture students, he lost his ability to find the positive interpretation.

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Ema (gee-fiera) Kaylee jumped at the voice, her gaze swiveling to a boy standing near a really old computer. She didn't really know him, but she tended to stick to herself, excepting her sister and a couple other people. She assumed he was in engineering; it made sense, after all.

She blinked, ducking her head and dropping the paintbrushes and pencils out of her mouth. She lifted her head again. "Um. I think some help might...help." She smirked, shifting her weight. Behind her, the door swung closed. Nodding towards the laptop, she said, "Having some trouble there?"

She understood computer troubles. She didn't have one of her own; Riley got that right, though she didn't even really need it. But when Kaylee stole it from her, she never had much luck with the design program installed on it. It was old-school, and it never seemed to be able to handle what she needed to do. Or maybe she was just too ambitious.

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Ash, without thinking, ducked forwards and grabbed the paintbrushes and watercolours, setting them down on a table. "No, it's just slow and can't deal with 2050 CAD programs," he said, shrugging. This particular architecture student didn't seem too bad — maybe he could actually get through this and remain sane. The computer froze, the spinning rainbow circle stopping, refusing to move. He groaned — he was going to have to restart the blasted thing, which would take forever. So much for being optimistic. Though, theoretically, he didn't need the model to fix the actual thing ( it did, however, make it much easier ).

"You still need help?" he asked, doubting that she did. Most people could carry a sketchpad, even one as large as hers. But it was polite to offer, and he didn't exactly want to be called impolite. Besides, if you made a good impression then you could befriend them later, or talk to them in class if none of your friends were taking that subject ( although most of the engineering students took the same subjects — there wasn't much room for creativity with subject selections ).

this is rubbish but i've got to go to school and something is better than nothing, right?

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Ema (gee-fiera) Kaylee smiled at him as he took her things. "Thank you so much," she said, "I think I've got it from here." Stepping forward, she put the sketchpad down on the table he had placed her other supplies on, breathing out in a sigh once done. "That thing's heavier than it looks," she joked.

She shook her head at the computer. "I wish I could help you with that," she said, nodding towards it, "But I know almost nothing about computers. I hope it works, though." She shrugged, knowing that wasn't much, but hoping he didn't take it any sort of wrong way.

"What are you working on?" Yes, she was actually interested. There was a good chance she wouldn't follow some of it, but she knew enough about engineering to get the basic gist of most projects. It interested her, as many things did, and she enjoyed learning about it.

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"If my laptop was working I'd offer to adjust the gravity while you're walking back, make it lighter — except that could get me expelled if they caught me." He knew that they could trace most computers, but his? Too old for the detection system — at least, it had been last time. The sector didn't have a set of rules, per se, but an unspoken suggestion was to never hack the teachers because they would hunt. you. down. But most people knew that if you wanted to hack them for some reason, you just had to find someone with a really old laptop — that had been reworked so that it could connect to modern internet ( some people found it weird that before, people had been unable to connect to internet from fifty metres away — twenty, ten even. Or that once, people had used cables to connect — most people had never touched an ethernet cable in their life, and Ashley doubted they'd heard of a lot of other things either — HDMI cables, for example.

"Huh?" no, he had not gotten distracted. "Oh, um, it's theoretically a lifeboat for a spaceship — except it's not because it's a model and it's broken." He could rant all day about the lack of resources, INSA's inability to supply them with basic equipment like holograms — they claimed that the artificial gravity messed with them, but Ash was hardly going to fall for such a stupid argument. He had tested that, and they worked just fine. They probably just knew how often they got broken and wanted to avoid letting the students use any.

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Ema (gee-fiera) Kaylee nodded, stretching out her arms. "That would be a help, but I see your point," she said. She clambered on top of the table with her things, pulling the pencils, brushes, and watercolors towards her and opening the sketchbook. One pencil in hand, she tapped her chin with it, looking around to determine just what to draw.

She cocked her head to one side, examining the model. "Well, it would probably be a good model if it worked." she said. Putting pencil to paper, she began to draw it, though, predictably, it took on a much more fantastical element as her sketch progressed: vines spouting from cracked places, whispy lines that would become bursts of color from others. "Is there any way to fix it?"

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