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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Urban fantasy book series. Heroine can change appearance. [s]

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Jee Yeong | 4 comments I read it during last year. The book starts off with the mc sneaking in a house with some of her members. On the way she meets some guy and knocks him out with a shot?? sleeping drug and uses his fingerprints to get in or sth. I think the house was the prince's and it was a test for her. She gets caught and she tells her members to run if she does get caught but they don't listen. There was a guy-his name was mark? and also a girl that had a name that started with a c. The girl tried to tell who they were so the mc killed her using air...? She also links her life with the prince's in order to survive. After passing the test, she is asked to change her appearance to that of the princess. And she does- she also changes her clothes. But only the prince can't see the difference.

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Jee Yeong | 4 comments Omg i think that it's right!!!! Kiriys thanks.. I've been searching for ages

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