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Razzledm | 67 comments Several months ago, I was looking at one of my authors and her books on Goodreads. I now cannot remember the authors name or the title of the book. She posted a slightly different text epilogue to one or her books. It wasn't very long, I copied it and put it on a word doc. I saved it so I could read it again whenever I read the book that I had purchased. When I saved it, I forgot to show the authors name or book title. I am posting it here, can someone help me. She wrote:

"Michael's Letter"
I'm no good at letters. The kinds of things I have to say rarely have to be said with words. This is the exception.
I'm alive.
I managed to get somewhere safe, stitch myself up. Lying down the way I was was probably the only thing that kept me from bleeding out from that bullet wound. My odds were a thousand to one. My enemies always did say that I was a lucky son of a bitch.
I paid a contact to get this flash drive to you, through Angelica. She doesn't know. No one does. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, I'm dead—and it's surprisingly liberating.
I'm sorry I haven't been able to contact you until now. I hope you're all right, sweetheart. I hope you didn't do anything rash. You're probably pissed to hear from me like this, right now, and I can't say I blame you. I've put you through hell, and I guess it's only fitting if you see me as a devil.
But I'd go through it all again for you. Falling in love was the bravest fucking thing I've ever done, and I would die a thousand times if it meant spending one lifetime with you.
Come find me."

Thank you

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Razzledm | 67 comments That's it, thank you.

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