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most used TRAINING i n i t i a t i v e s in the sector.

I T is a small room with several SHIPS
attached to mechanisms that allow them to be
M O V E D in ways that match real space-travel.

A SCREEN on the front wall,
combined with 3D technology in the helmet visors, can
produce h y p e r - r e a l i s t i c VISUAL EFFECTS

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Ema (gee-fiera) One thing Maxton - Max - loved about INSA was the simulation room. He didn't spend as much time there now as he had before, when he had first come here, but back then, almost every waking hour was sat in the small room, helmet on, his hands clenching the controls before him. It was one of the few ways he had been able to get to where he was now - by practicing again and again with the technology, until he was good enough to not feel like a failure. Or a faker. That would be worse, Max had always felt.

Over the years, as he got better, he had come less, but still made sure to practice. It would have been the end of the world if he lost the skill he had gained.

Now, Max strode in, surprised that the room was mostly dark. He tugged on his jacket, heading for a ship on the left wall. Max knew this was an out-of-the-way option, many coming in wouldn't see him there, which was fine by him. He liked people, but didn't much want to be teased for needing extra practice - though something told him that those who knew him well enough wouldn't do such a thing anyway.

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From experience, Marjorie knew there wouldn't be many people at the simulation room at this current time and hour. She'd known this from sneaking down here all the time, both from when she was 18 and desperate to prove something, and when she was supposed to be bedridden on doctor's orders, but bored out of her skull and wishing desperately for some sense of familiarity.

Now, Major was good enough — something that came with becoming the lead pilot of Squadron B, of course — she'd needed to come down here less and less. Other than for classes, she didn't really have to come down here, but being there provided her with some strange comfort (she supposed it was to do with the whole familiarity thing) and it couldn't hurt to practice more. After all, nobody failed something by practicing too many times.

She supposed she was slipping a little. She hadn't come down here as much as she'd wanted nowadays — who knew becoming lead pilot came with so many meetings with teachers? — or perhaps she was forgetting, or even that she didn't come that often at this particular time either, but she certainly was shocked when she rounded the corner just to see someone slip into the simulation room.

Raising an eyebrow in surprise and a little curiosity, she followed the figure discretely and tried to observe them from her place just beyond the door frame. There was something familiar about the figure — "Maxton?"

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Ema (gee-fiera) Maxton was settled down, pulling the helmet over his head, when he heard his name. Turning, he squinted at the door, attempting to figure out who it was. The voice, he knew, that was obvious, but he knew so many people it was hard.

He stepped forward, the helmet now dangling in his hand. "Oh, Major!" he said, grinning. "What are you doing here." And he shook his head. The room was technically a public place, it wasn't that odd to see her. "That was a pretty dumb question," he admitted. He placed the helmet back in its original position, stepping back towards the door. Major was the lead pilot of his squadron, a very familiar face indeed.

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i started this reply FIVE DANG TIMES but i keep losing it

"Practice," Major mused, a smile tugging at her lips. "Just because I'm the best doesn't mean I can't get better," she joked. But in all honesty, she meant it. Sure, she was the lead pilot of Squadron B, but it was a hard earned position she didn't want to lose — plus, the time she spent Not-Awake in that coma was time wasted. The last thing she wanted was to get a letter saying she wasn't good enough anymore, would you kindly step down as leader and let someone else take your place.

"Well, what about you?" She asked, gesturing to one of the ships. "Here for a little practice as well?"

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