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Buck (spectru) Our group read for February 2017 from our list of 100 is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Annie (annie_thomas) | 69 comments Started yesterday and completed book one. In love with Francie Nolan and feeling sad about how poor they are.

Buck (spectru) This is one of my spouse's favorites. She read it in her teens and again in her twenties, and loves it. After hearing about A Tree Grows in Brooklyn all these years, I finally took it up. (November 2012)

The writing is simple and straightforward. The story is a fictional biography of a young girl growing up poor in Brooklyn in the first decades of the twentieth century. It's engaging, and as I got into it, I found myself looking forward to each session. This book is not my usual fare but I can certainly see how one like my tender and loving wife could fall in love with it.

Annie (annie_thomas) | 69 comments Finished the book and absolutely loved it.
So many insights to life as a poor immigrant. I am sure some of this is still true for many new immigrant refugees. Thank god for welfare payments though..

Plenty of strong women characters in the book, a change from most other books I have been reading.

Lisa (lisadannatt) | 743 comments Finally managed to source a copy, hope to read this in March

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Ashlight Grayson (ashlightgrayson) | 3 comments I'm getting my copy tomorrow, so I'll hopefully be able to finish it soon. Sounds really good based on the comments.

Lisa (lisadannatt) | 743 comments Just started this. It's beautiful. I love how Francis and Neely enjoy their childhood, their small luxuries (the coffee) and the antics in the neighborhood.

Lisa (lisadannatt) | 743 comments I loved this paragraph “Francie thought that all the books in the world were in that library and she had a plan about reading all the books in the world. She was reading a book a day in alphabetical order and not skipping the dry ones. She remembered that the first author had been Abbott. She had been reading a book a day for a long time now and she was still in the B’s. Already she had read about bees and buffaloes, Bermuda vacations and Byzantine architecture. For all of her enthusiasm, she had to admit that some of the B’s had been hard going. But Francie was a reader. She read everything she could find: trash, classics, time tables and the grocer’s price list.

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