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Abdulilah Now I am 24% to complete the book. It is exciting to read and learn human brain parts and functions. but the book is elaborating cases which the psychiatrist cured in his lifetime. I sometimes excited to read this book but most of the times I feel bored, especially when I came to an idea that this book is meant to advertise SPECT only and propagandize the psychiatrist "writer" and how he has been prudent "show off". I will complete reading it but will not recommend anybody to read

Cynthia Dueringer I read Dr Amen's first book many years ago when he was self-published and put out a little spiral note book. I caught up with him on the old internet newsgroups years ago where he posted helpful information after a good friend of his died because of brain chemical imbalance overwhelmed her. This was at least ohhhh, 25 years ago or more. Years later I got his hardback that explained things so it wasn't as "medical" as his first book and also added a ton of new information. It's been kind of a brain chemistry course on the effects of things we do in life have on our brains. If you have anyone in your family with brain chemistry problems such as anxiety, panic disorder, depression, concentration problems, dementia, and so many other things, I have found the science behind Dr Amen's work is pretty well researched. You have to have the SPECT scans to show results in areas of the brain that have less or more function, depending on treatments. Much of his research promotes healthy living, healthy eating, healthy supplementation, and healthy thought processes instead of forking over for prescription drugs and the accompanying side effects. I think any scientist-physician that has dedicated much of his life to helping people has to have a certain sense of arrogance of his work because there will always be detractors. I wouldn't recommend his book for a general entertaining evening "read", but if you know someone with alcohol problems, drug abuse, chronic depression, etc etc, it's a good look to understand how the human brain works and how many of the things we do can hurt the cells in our brains and it might give you some answers. It helps to have some science background to understand some of it. Before you get this book I would recommend you watch his PBS program during the donation broadcasts. He shares a massive amount of helpful information during that broadcast, THEN if you are interested in his work, go ahead and get his book. I got a LOT out of it and began to understand the very troubled brain of someone dear in my family. It saved our relationship when I understood why and how a brain can cause emotional problems. I keep both of his books on my bookshelf for reference material.

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