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the international space academy, typically called insa, was founded in 2101. it rapidly gained a reputation as the place you should go if you wanted to do well in life, and even after twenty years every single alumnus is alive and well. the star pilots that have graduated from insa are hailed as the greatest explorers since columbus, although arguably they're greater than columbus as well.
the three sectors each have a separate mission: collins to find new planets rich in resources and able to sustain life, stephenson to develop the technology necessary for the other two sectors, and sun to protect earth from the possibility of alien invasion.
insa has rules, but they vary for each sector. there is one rule, however, that stays the same no matter what. once you have chosen a sector, you remain in that sector forever. there is a method behind the apparent madness of such a rule – the sectors each have their secrets, and they can't let anyone find them out.

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the sectors all have secrets and nobody outside their sector knows. if someone does know, they mysteriously end up dead, floating out into the vast expanse of space. there's rumours, of course – in a place full of teenagers and young adults it's to be expected – but how many of them are true?
clarification: this information is provided on the assumption that you will not use it in character with people from the other sectors. if you do, you will be reprimanded.
collins – the star pilots that don't pass the tests don't return to earth, but become... well, nobody's really sure. the competition between the students is fierce, and they're known to sabotage each other.
stephenson – some of them are cyborgs. well, what else would you expect of a bunch of engineers? fortunately for them, they aren't held together by duct tape like all their other projects.
sun – if you expected the soldier part of insa to be morally correct, then you've obviously never encountered people trained to fight mercilessly against any opponent. although they're technically for defence, they also keep the peace on earth, sometimes resulting in the deaths of innocents. it doesn't keep many of them up at night.

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