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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Contreras (melissa_contreras) Hi!
Does anybody know if Audible saves your clips if you delete a book from your device and re-download it later?

I need to free up space and want to remove a couple of books from my iPhone but am not sure if my clips will be there to refer to if I re-download later.

I checked on the Audible help pages but could not find any info on this.

Anybody have any recent experience with this?


message 2: by Melanti (new)

Melanti | 126 comments Clips are saved via the link, aren't they? Cause you're sending it to other people to listen to and they don't even need to have the app installed at all.

I just checked the clips I added as status updates on Don Quixote, and they're still working all these months later - and I've long since deleted it from my device.

I just re-downloaded it to check, and it does appear in the clips & bookmarks menu.

Admittedly, I use Android, but I can't imagine it not working in iPhone.

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Contreras (melissa_contreras) I haven't sent them to anybody though. So when I like something and want to "highlight" it (as if with a yellow highlighter) I click "+clip" and it saves the clip that I can refer to later, like a bookmark. Sometimes I then make notes of those clips (I go to "clips and bookmarks" in the menu and listen to them).

I just want to know if they are saved in the Amazon cloud or something and will be there if I re-download. It would be a shame to lose them all if I want to refer to them later...

message 4: by Melanti (new)

Melanti | 126 comments Yes. I re-downloaded the book to check, and the clips were there.

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Contreras (melissa_contreras) Thanks for doing that @Melanti!

I just finished talking with Audible support and after making me wait for quite some time they said they would be deleted...shows you how much they know!

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