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Yugo The Negotiator: Toyako Summit Vol. 1
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Fera (feradees) | 8 comments Can you help combining these books to a series?

- Yugo The Negotiator In Toyako Summit : Yugo The Negotiator: Toyako Summit Vol. 1 & LC: Yugo Toyako Summit 02
- Yugo The Negotiator In Philippines ODA : Yugo in Philippines ODA Vol. 1, Yugo in Philippines ODA Vol. 2 & Yugo in Philippines ODA Vol. 3
- Yugo The Negotiator In Taiwan : Yugo in Taiwan Vol. 1, Yugo in Taiwan Vol. 2, Yugo in Taiwan Vol. 3 & Yugo in Taiwan Vol. 4
- Yugo The Negotiator In Osaka : Yugo in Osaka Vol. 1 & Yugo in Osaka Vol. 2
- Yugo The Negotiator In Yokohama - Yokosuka : Yugo in Yokohama-Yokosuka Vol. 1 & Yugo in Yokohama-Yokosuka Vol. 2

These Yugo The Negotiator series is a one shot special which means all of those books are actually in the same series but have different episode location. I don't know whether it should be combined to one series or just for each episode location. If it should be combined to one series as Yugo The Negotiator 'One Shot Special' please also include these books, they only have 1 volume each:

- Yugo The Negotiator In Tokyo - Tanegashima : Yugo in Tokyo, Tanegashima
- Yugo The Negotiator In Tsushima, Kitakyushu : Yugo In Tsushima, Kitakyushu
- Yugo The Negotiator In Shimokita Peninsula : Yugo in Shimokita Peninsula

PS: All of these books Story by Shinji Makari and Art by Shu Akana.

Thank you

message 2: by David (new)

David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments Done

Looking at the Japanese wikipedia through google translate, it seems these are considered more volumes of the same series. I followed that and added them. According to the same page, 3 more "final" volumes are missing.

Fera (feradees) | 8 comments thankyou so much

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