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Christine Pikes Peak - conquered

01 - Housecarl (Aelfraed #01) by Griff Hosker
02 - Outlaw (Aelfraed #02) by Griff Hosker
03 - Varangian (Aelfraed #03) by Griff Hosker
04 - Wife To The Bastard by Hilda Lewis
05 - Next Victim (Abby Sinclair & Tess McCallum #2) by Michael Prescott
06 - Dangerous Game (Abby Sinclair & Tess McCallum #3) by Michael Prescott
07 - The Unfaithful Queen by Carolly Erickson
08 - The King's Gambit (SPQR #1) by John Maddox Roberts
09 - Mortal Faults (Abby Sinclair & Tess McCallum #04) by Michael Prescott
10 - Ovid (Marcus Corvinus #01) by David Wishart
11 - Final Sins (Abby Sinclair & Tess McCallum #05) by Michael Prescottt
12 - The Catalina Conspiracy (SPQR #02) by John Maddox Roberts

Mount Blanc - conquered

13 - Germanicus (Marcus Corvinus #02) by David Wishart
14 - The Sculptor (Sam Markhem #01) by Gregory Funaro
15- the Sacrilege (SPQR #03) by John Maddox Roberts
16 - The Impaler (Sam Markham #02) by Gregory Funaro
17 - The Lydian Baker (Marcus Corvinus #04) by David Wishart
18 - The Temple Of The Muses (SPQR #04) by John Maddox Roberts
19 - Absolution (Anderson & Costello #01) by Caro Ramsay
20 - The memoirs Of Mary Queen Of Scots by Carolly Erickson
21 - Sejanus (Marcus Corvinus #03) by David Wishart
22 - Singing To The Dead (Anderson & Costello #02) by Caro Ramsay
23 - Saturnalia (SPQR #05) by John Maddox Roberts
24 - Dark Water (Anderson & Costello #03) by Caro Ramsay

Good 2 down, only 6 to go!

Quick duck home for some more supplies and off I go again .....

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Christine 25 - descriptiondescriptiondescription

Nobody Loves A Centurion (SPQR #06) by John Maddox Roberts

Like so many young men in later generations, Roman playboy/detective Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger is faced with the necessity of serving in his country's armed forces. Since a dangerous enemy has become powerful in the politics of Rome, Decius is just as well out of the city for a while. He sets out to join Caesar in Gaul, where the general has come and seen, but has as yet not been able to conquer.

The occupying Roman army is at a standstill. When Decius shows up in full parade regalia (much to the amusement of the more informally uniformed veterans) and accompanied only by his young personal slave. Caesar sets him the task of discovering who murdered one of his centurions, a cruel and unfair officer feared and hated by every man of the one hundred soldiers under him. A further prod to Decius is that the main suspect is a youth whose father is a close friend of the Metellus family. With Caesar's decree that another killer be found in a matter of hours or the young man dies, Decius has his work cut out for him.

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Christine 26 - descriptiondescriptiondescription

The Blood Of Crows (Anderson & Costello # 04) by Caro Ramsay

For one Scottish cop the beat is about to get dark and very bloody . . .

DI Colin Anderson is having a bad week. His conviction of paedophile Skelpie Fairbairn is declared unsafe - putting Fairbairn back on Glasgow's streets and leaving Anderson under investigation.

Add to this a gangster torched alive, a teenage boy tortured then dropped off a bridge and the suicide of a cop who worked an unsolved child kidnapping way back in 1996 and Anderson's got his hands full. Then one night, a young girl is tied to the river bank and left for the tide. Anderson gets there, but she dies in his arms.

Working round the clock his team discover these strange crimes are linked to an elusive criminal mastermind known as The Puppeteer. But unable to find him, unable to stop the murders, Anderson is forced to follow the only lead he has - Skelpie Fairbairn . . .

But which is worse - The devil you don't know, or the one you do ....

29 - descriptiondescriptiondescription

The Night Hunter (Anderson & Costello # 05) by Caro Ramsay

A young woman determines to find out what happened to her missing sister in this tense and twisting psychological thriller. Evie McCulloch's sister Sophie has been missing for 57 days. She went out for a run - and never came home. Elvie's efforts to find out what happened to Sophie, and to the other local missing girls, will find her pitted against a terrifying enemy. Someone who has killed before, someone who will kill again. Someone they call The Night Hunter.

( this one is a little different to previous stories as is told by a woman looking for her sister .....

30 - descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription

Tears Of An Angel (Anderson & Costello # 06) by Caro Ramsay

Past crimes cause new murder in this tense and twisting psychological thriller. A few days before the summer solstice a 92-year-old woman is found burned to death in her home. On the same day, a man's mutilated corpse is discovered in a field, his arms ripped from their sockets, a Tarot card depicting The Fool inserted in his mouth. When the victim is identified as someone for whom the police have been looking for almost a year, detectives Anderson and Costello find themselves caught up in a case where nothing is as it seems. Was the dead man really responsible for three child murders? And what is the connection with the death of the elderly woman? The investigation leads to the shores of Loch Lomond where Anderson and Costello will finally uncover the shocking truth

31 - descriptiondescriptiondescription

Rat Run (Anderson & Costello # 07) by Caro Ramsay

A macabre discovery throws disturbing new light on a 20-year-old murder case in the latest tense and twisting Anderson and Costello mystery. "
In August 1992, a young mother and her two small sons were brutally murdered in the woods behind their home. Her neighbour Andrew Gyle was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life imprisonment. Now, twenty-three years later, a macabre discovery throws new light on the case. Could there have been a shocking miscarriage of justice?
Having only just returned to work following an enforced leave of absence, DCI Colin Anderson knows he must make a success of his comeback case. But, as he and his partner, DI Costello, uncover serious discrepancies in the original investigation, it becomes clear that not everyone is telling them the truth. Meanwhile, Costello worries that Anderson is struggling to cope and his increasingly odd behaviour causes her to begin to think the unthinkable: can she trust her own partner?

All published books in this series completed ... new one out about June 2017 - looking forward to that one. Have enjoyed the series

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Christine 27 - The Queen's Sorrow by Suzannah Dunn

Read just over half of this and, unfortunately, found it a bit boring. It the half that I read the Queen was only mentioned a couple of times and the story seems to be about Rafael, a Spaniard sent to build a sundial for the Queen. Rafael does a lot of thinking about his wife, in Spain, and the housekeeper of the home he is staying in.

Not a lot about the Queen and her marriage or sorrow

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Christine 28 - descriptiondescriptiondescription

At The Mercy Of The Queen by Anne Clinard Barnhill

A sweeping tale of sexual seduction and intrigue at the court of Henry VIII, At the Mercy of the Queen is a rich and dramatic debut historical about Madge Shelton, cousin and lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn.

At the innocent age of fifteen, Lady Margaret Shelton arrives at the court of Henry VIII and quickly becomes the confidante of her cousin, Queen Anne Boleyn. But she soon finds herself drawn into the perilous web of Anne’s ambition.

Desperate to hold onto the king’s waning affection, Anne schemes to have him take her guileless young cousin as mistress, ensuring her husband’s new paramour will owe her loyalty to the queen. But Margaret has fallen deeply in love with a handsome young courtier. She is faced with a terrible dilemma: give herself to the king and betray the love of her life or refuse to become his mistress and jeopardize the life of the her cousin, Queen Anne.

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Christine 32 - descriptiondescriptiondescription

Brief Gaudy Hour (Shadows Of The Crown #01) by Margaret Campbell Barnes

The enigmatic Anne Boleyn comes to life in this charming, brilliant portrayal by acclaimed British novelist Margaret Campbell Barnes.
The infamous love of King Henry VIII and the mother of Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn undertook a rocky journey from innocent courtier to powerful Queen of England. A meticulous researcher, Margaret Campbell Barnes immerses readers in this intrigue and in the lush, glittery world of the Tudor Court. The beauty and charms of Anne Boleyn bewitched the most powerful man in the world, King Henry VIII, but her resourcefulness and cleverness were not enough to stop the malice of her enemies. Her swift rise to power quickly became her own undoing.
The author brings to light Boleyn's humanity and courage, giving an intimate look at a young woman struggling to find her own way in a world dominated by men and adversaries.

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Christine 33 - descriptiondescriptiondescription description

On, Off (Carmine Delmonico #01) by Colleen McCullough

The year is 1965, the setting a university town in Connecticut, and serial killers are still referred to as "multiple murderers." Profiling hasn't even begun, so Delmonico has to go it alone on a frantic learning curve that has the killer always two steps ahead of him.

The story begins when parts of the body of a young woman are found in a research center for neurology privately funded by one of the university's greatest benefactors. It swiftly develops that the killer is very possibly a member of the research facility and that this is not his first murder. With great cunning and daring, he targets a "type" of young woman, following which the women are subjected to unspeakable torture and rape, and finally a horrible death." "The suspects are many and varied, and include a wealthy and ambitious young Indian eager to win a Nobel Prize; the professional head of the institute, who does something peculiar in his basement; an internationally renowned epilepsy clinician; a neurochemist with a taste for fine food, wine, and music; a Japanese with rarefied and strange tastes; and a business manager named Desdemona Dupre, a tough, well-educated woman, full of common sense, for whom Delmonico feels a growing, risky attraction.

As the serial murders begin to mount - the killer is getting more and more bloodthirsty and bold - and the media and anguished parents begin to put pressure on the governor, Delmonico and the forceful, enigmatic Miss Dupre are drawn deeper and deeper into the secrets of the suspects and toward an old family scandal as shocking as it is bizarre. But is the scandal something quite separate, or does it lie at the roots of the present killings?

An interesting book and a surprise ending - only every attributed this author to historical and Australian fiction

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Christine 34 - descriptiondescriptiondescription

Old Bones (Marcus Corvinus #05) by David Wishart

When Marcus Corvinus hears that his father-in-law, Priscus, has been accused of murder, it doesn't take Marcus long to get Priscus off the hook—but finding the real culprit proves tricky. Marcus uncovers a major wine-making fraud as well as a sorry tale of treachery, deceit, and betrayal

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Christine 35 - descriptiondescriptiondescription

My Lady Of Cleaves (Shadows Of The Crown #02) by Margaret Campbell Barnes

My Lady of Cleves gives readers an intimate portrait of the warm, unpretentious princess who never expected to become Queen of England. Knowing the king's ravenous desire for a son, and aware of the disastrous consequences of not bearing an heir, Anne of Cleves bravely took on the duty of weathering the Tudor King's temper, whims, arrogance, and irresponsible passions--and won the hearts of his subjects in the process.

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Christine 36 - descriptiondescriptiondescription

Too Many Murders (Carmine Delmonico #02) by Colleen McCullough

1967. The world teeters on the brink of nuclear holocaust as the Cold War persists.

On a beautiful spring day in Holloman, Connecticut, twelve murders have taken place in one day, and chief of detectives Captain Carmine Delmonico is drawn into a gruesome web of secrets and lies.

All the murders are different and seem unconnected. Are they dealing with one killer, or many? And as if twelve murders were not enough, Carmine soon finds himself pitted against the mysterious Ulysses, a spy giving local armanents company Cornucopias secrets to the Russians.

As the overtaxed police force contends with small-town politics, academic rivalry and corporate greed, the death toll mounts, and Carmine and his team discover that the answers are not what they seem - but then, are they ever?

so many murders. These books are interesting although at times are loaded down with technical details .... still interesting and imaginative stories

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Christine Well Mt Vancouver I'm on your summit ... now where to next?

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