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message 1: by Diane, "Miss Scarlett" (new)

Diane Barnes | 4115 comments Mod
Post a review here and let us know what you thought.

message 2: by Tina (last edited Feb 16, 2017 09:37PM) (new)

Tina  | 488 comments I should have gotten the audio version of Huckleberry Finn. I struggled to finish reading this book because the dialect wore me out and I ended up giving it a middle-of-the-road 3 star review. Did anyone else struggle with this book or find it less than amazing or am I the only one that did not appreciate the significance of this classic novel? Interested to hear other people's impressions that read this book for the first time here on The Trail.

message 3: by Laura, "The Tall Woman" (new)

Laura | 2121 comments Mod
Tina I had a very good experience with audio. I know you don't want to revisit the book but I think you would really appreciate the audio. Maybe give it a few months? However, sometimes books don't work out even if they do for lots of other folks. Sorry it wasn't a good read!

message 4: by Laura, "The Tall Woman" (new)

Laura | 2121 comments Mod
Tina pick up News of the World and you'll be back to your jovial self. I'm half way through and it's delightful.

message 5: by Diane, "Miss Scarlett" (new)

Diane Barnes | 4115 comments Mod
Amen to what Laura said. And classic or not, sometimes you just don't like a book. I'm still trying to figure out why Moby Dick is considered a great novel, I hated it.

message 6: by Kim (new)

Kim Kaso | 601 comments I am really enjoying News of the World, making me smile.

message 7: by Tina (new)

Tina  | 488 comments Oh, Diane, Moby Dick was painful for me too. I was forced to read it in high-school. Weighs me down just thinking about it.

Laura, News of the World is on my list and I'm in line for the ebook at the library. I am finishing up Peter Swanson's latest thriller at the moment. Not as good as The Kind Worth Killing, but a nice change at after Huck and I parted ways.

message 8: by Franky (last edited Feb 19, 2017 08:27PM) (new)

Franky | 327 comments Tina, it's always good to hear a contrarian opinion. Otherwise, these discussions wouldn't be quite as fun. I think Huck Finn is definitely a polarizing type of book, and see why people would be divided about the reading experience, not only because of the dialect, but because of its controversy and the issues. And some think Twain is a little bit too dry in his humor.

I was lukewarm about reading Huckleberry Finn in high school, but I read it again in college and loved it, and then I started reading a lot of Twain's stuff and found it entertaining and hilarious. I don't think Huck Finn is a pure satire like some of his other stuff, but there are some spotty entertaining moments. I read it again later in life and it became one of my favorite books and Twain is one of my favorite writers.

So, long story short, I've definitely changed from how I first thoughts of the book. Not saying to go back, but just an idea that sometimes opinions of books do change.

message 9: by Tina (new)

Tina  | 488 comments Franky, maybe one day I'll give it another read.

message 10: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (goodreadscomdawn_irena) | 252 comments Y'all ~ I just loved News of the World ! I read it back when I was reading books for the booker . When we picked it again , I had to look back at some of favorite passages and I will write those in on the final impressions thread . It really was a surprise read for me . I sort of liked it better than Colson Whitehead's book. I guess we read so much on the topic of slavery that I just feel overwhelmed with the issue at times . We have found many new historical facts that have changed events in our past history that are very exciting .

I am really exciting to be reading the new evidence from the interview on the horrific murder of Emmitt Till. I bought that book after seeing him at Square Books on the 3rd . That was one incident I found very hard to accept when I learned about the facts and y'all will not believe that it was not until college that I knew. I was kept in the dark about so much as a little girl in the country. I never saw any black Americans when I visited my Mamaw and Family in Tula, MS . We did not go to town much. Whenever I heard someone say the "N " word my eyes about poked out because I had friends in GA where we were stationed and I knew that was not nice. I knew my Mamaw loved me but I felt she was mean and so did some of my other family.

This thing now with the Black Lives Matters and Cops is upsetting me because my brother and his wife are Cops . They are good people. Most cops are not trained well enough because they need so many and most criminals are getting away because the rookies are so afraid in Nashville.

It was just a nice break to read some of the books we have been trying like John Hart , I love Micheal Farris Smith and I have been saving him for desert ! Donna Everhart from our group who has gotten quiet because she has been writing away has released her new book , The Education of Dixie Dupree ! She will be at Square Books Tuesday ! I am so excited for her. I love the book . It is very well written and you know Dixie reminds me quite a bit like a mixture of Scout and AJ her brother reminds me of Scout's older brother. There is a mystery and Dixie is quite a handful but she really reacts to the family dynamics going on which are often hidden from children . The story is very different from any as I have every read but I could not put it down .

Sorry this is so long but I miss y'all and I don't get a chance to write as much as I want ! Y'all just keep me posted! I have all notifications on so I don't miss a thing !

Voting is next !
Enjoy !

message 11: by Shannon (last edited Feb 23, 2017 05:36PM) (new)

Shannon Lionheart | 3 comments This is one of my favorite books ever!

I truly fell in love with the idea of floating down a river, Mark Twain, and the Mississippi river.

It captures childhood so well.

One of the Greatest if not Greatest American novel.

message 12: by Diane, "Miss Scarlett" (new)

Diane Barnes | 4115 comments Mod
Yeah Shannon! Way to appreciate a classic!

message 13: by Franky (new)

Franky | 327 comments Shannon wrote: "This is one of my favorite books ever!

I truly fell in love with the idea of floating down a river, Mark Twain, and the Mississippi river.

It captures childhood so well.

One of the Greatest if..."

I really enjoyed the scenes with Huck and Tom on the Mississippi River and hearing the thunderstorms overhead in the distance. Very descriptive aspect of nature and there seems to be a contrast in the novel to life on land, or life in Nature(Huck seems to be more at ease away from "civilization").

I thought the scenes with Pap were very telling into the life Huck had to lead and had to try to escape from, and I think the Mississippi is sort of that symbol of escape.

message 14: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Lionheart | 3 comments Franky,

I love everything you said! I wish there was a like button. lol

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