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Karma's A Sexy Bitch: Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy Adventure
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Jim Neville | 12 comments I'm providing a free download day in the hope someone, anyone, will write a review or check a rating.

FREE - Feb 4th

Karma's a Sexy Bitch (18+): Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy Adventure
(Always free on KindleUnlimited)

Adult Content Warning: 18+
A Which-Way book for adults where you choose your own erotic fantasy adventure.

There is nothing wrong with your e-Reader. You control the direction of this book. Sit quietly and control all that you see and read. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience many erotic fatasies which reach from my inner mind to your outer limits.

If you don't like a path you've chosen, don't worry, be happy. You can go back and try another path. It's the ultimate undo button. Digital technology has made this Which-Way book even better than the paperbacks of the past. All you have to do is press a link and you're there. Links are also provided to take you progressively backward.

In this book, there are both fantastic beasts and human fantasy scenarios. Many stories have been tailored for both male and female readers. Some stories are written only for one gender because it wouldn't make sense otherwise. Sometimes you have no choice in the transformation into a specific gender. To be fair, the gender roles are 50/50.

There's something for everyone.
Fantasy Creatures: Akaname - Beholder - Cat Girl - Circumcised Penis Plant - Cow Girl - Crab Girls - Cursed Doll - Demon Queen - Dog Boy - Eel Girls - Fairies - Gargantuan Zombie [Girl & Man] - Gargoyle - Genie - Harpy - Hooker's Lips Plant - Kodama - Man Cow - Medusa - Minotaur - Mosquito Girl - Octomom - Rat Queen - Santa's Elves [for men & women] - Satyr - Shadow Men - Shapeshifting Slug Girl - SheWolf - Siren - Spider Girl - Star Jelly/Sky Jelly - Succubus - Vampire Queen - Vlad - Werewolf - Zmeu the Dragon Lady - Zmeu the Dragon Man
Human Scenarios: Cabin Boy - Centurion and Slave Girl - Chocolate Spa - Dismembered Member - Druid Sacrifice - Empress Valeria Messalina - Free Love Island - Helpful Steward - Phoenix curse - Pirate Queen - Real Doll - Sheik's Harem - Teacher Femdom - Warlock on a Plane - Witch on a Plane - Wrestler and Bodybuilder Femdom

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Jim Neville | 12 comments Today's the day. Get a FREE copy, enjoy, & review (please).

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