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Andrew Hiller (hedrew2) | 19 comments A Climbing Stock was originally published in 2012 by Daily Swan. Unfortunately, the company went out of business. I finally got the rights back and am planning to reintroduce the book as an indie published book.

I've set it up on Amazon here

but I don't see how to connect it to my Goodreads page.

Thanks for any help or advice.

message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex | 2739 comments I have created your book here:

It is combined with the older edition. As the author of this book, you can set the default edition (the one that appears in searches by title and on your profile) by following the instructions found here:

Andrew Hiller (hedrew2) | 19 comments Thanks, Alex.

It's still not letting me do it though. When I try to put in the new AISN it says that the number has already been assigned, but it is to the version I am trying to now assign to the book. Do I need to create a new page for the book altogether and then set that as the principle?

message 4: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 3659 comments Alex already created the new Kindle edition for you, Andrew. I see both editions on your author profile page.

message 5: by Alex (last edited Jan 30, 2017 02:45PM) (new)

Alex | 2739 comments The listing for the new edition has already been created and combined with the older edition, see here:

As for the older edition, it is GR policy to keep all editions of a work, even out of print ones, so please do not remove ISBNs or other accurate information from the listing.

ETA: It may take a while before the system catches up to the addition.

Andrew Hiller (hedrew2) | 19 comments Cool. I think I figured it out between messages. :)

Thanks for the hand and advice.

Andrew Hiller (hedrew2) | 19 comments Dobby0390 wrote: "Alex already created the new Kindle edition for you, Andrew. I see both editions on your author profile page."

Cool. Thanks for letting me know!

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