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Amber Clubb | 2 comments Hi everyone,
I would love to hear what you all think about Roliath, the first of 5 books in The Eidelon Series. Considering that Roliath introduces a more plausible view on vampires vs. the norm…I’m a bit curious to see how the various readers will feel about it. I’m also trying to build up some more reviews here on goodreads, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Feel free to reply, PM or email me at if you’re interested, I'll be more than glad to send you a PDF. Below is the blurb and the goodreads book link where you can read an excerpt. If you would like more information about Roliath, or The Eidelon Series, you can check out my website here;
Thanks in advance everyone, I appreciate it!

Real Vampires May Not Be What You Thought…
For centuries people have always viewed vampires as monsters! They can only go outside at night, be killed with a stake through the heart, harmed by garlic and holy water. They have no reflections, sleep in coffins and drain humans of all their blood to stay alive. As Alex Keen is told about the past of Geannifer Whitlence he quickly learns that all of the myths, legends and stories about vampires that we were told, were all just lies covering up the truth. Even the name they go by; Vampires!

They are called Eidelon, they live out their lives everyday along the side of the human race with many similarities. They have different races/clans, they live with rulers, leaders and followers. They even have laws and a legal system of their own. The most forbidden law, is to not kill anyone from the human race. While they do have to feed off of humans to live, they do not have to kill them in order to do so.

In present day Geannifer Whitlence is an Eidelon in the Azeron clan possessing many talents and abilities that no other Eidelon is capable of. Roliath is in a sense an origin story of how she became who she is today. How she met Devon, her life long partner since Roliath’s beginning; Andrea, her best friend and progeny and all of the Eidelon that still travel with her in present day and how their life long battle with the Osirians began.

Roliath The Eidelon Series by Amber Schunk Clubb Roliath: The Eidelon Series

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Mike | 12 comments i would love to review my email is

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Pinakie Kansabanik | 4 comments I would love to review. My email is

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Amber Clubb | 2 comments Hi! Thanks! I just sent both of you an email :)

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Pinakie Kansabanik | 4 comments Amber wrote: "Hi! Thanks! I just sent both of you an email :)"

Received and replied.

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