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Dalton Wolf (DaWolf) | 2 comments Dead and Dead Again: Kansas City Quarantine

Hello to you all.
I know there aren't many of you active out here, but if anyone is looking for a new book to read, I would love a few honest reviews on my novel. It has been out for a while but I can't seem to get reviews. The book is $2.99 on Kindle and $15.00 paperback. Set in Kansas City the story follows a group of friends from the moment of outbreak as they first try to find each other amid the ensuing chaos and continues as they eventually attempt to make their escape as a group. This is my first Z novel and, although I enjoyed the writing quite a bit, I don't know if I should continue in the genre. If you choose to accept this mission, I am looking forward to your opinions. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for your time and have a great day, week and year.
~aka Dalton Wolf

message 2: by Beau (new)

Beau Johnston (beau_johnston) Good luck with your new book Dalton. The Zombie market is a difficult one to crack (but a lot of fun to write for).

message 3: by Dalton (new)

Dalton Wolf (DaWolf) | 2 comments Thanks, Beau. It was definitely fun. But all markets seem to be difficult to crack for the anti-social...

Good luck in your own endeavors as well.

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