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The Mime Order (The Bone Season, #2)
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Shae McDaniel (shaelit) | 67 comments Mod
And thus begins the second half of our quest as we venture into the great unknown that is The Mime Order. I'm so excited and hope you are as well! We're getting this particular thread rolling early, because I want to hear from you all who have never read the sequel before.

We've just left Paige & Co. at the end of The Bone Season after they staged a revolution in Sheol I and broke free into the tunnels leading back to London. Given everything that happened in TBS and given the description for this book and the clear indication that we'll be back in London and learning more about Paige's life in the criminal underworld, what are you thinking? What theories do you have about the events of The Bone Season? What possible events are you anticipating in The Mime Order. I know you have fanon (fan-made canon) and hypotheses. Let's talk!

Alexa | 13 comments Wow I forgot how stone-cold the cliffhanger of the first book was! I had to grab my Mime Order copy and hold it for a sec just to remind myself that I did, in fact, have the answers to what was about to happen to the Scooby Gang after the getaway.

That being said, I bet Jaxon is going to either deny a lot of what Paige will propose in favor of "getting things back to normal," which might cause a schism in-between the Seven Dials. Paige isn't about to forget the horrors of Sheol I and the Rephs anytime soon, but faraway in the city they shouldn't have to worry about that, right?

I dunno, but I'm just really excited to finally be reading The Mime Order!

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