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Elaine VanCleave Elaine Jan 29, 2017 07:36PM

Is Linda's mother her real mother?
Does Linda have romantic feelings towards Patra?
The ending confused me. Explain.

The ending confused me also.

how i saw the ending (it's very beautifully written) - linda innately wants to be the wolf; she wants to be the predator. she sees lily as her prey (remember when she described the deer-like lick of her lips?) so the canoe scene is supposed to be one where she somehow terrorises her, becomes the predator. she takes lily out on a canoe ride like how she imagined mr grierson would have done.

but her delusion doesn't last. in the end she discovers that she's the one riding the canoe alone, she's the one literally left out in the cold, alone in her own mind, alone in the world, at the mercy of everyone. that's why she says 'i become lily' - she literally discovers that she is the prey in a world of metaphorical wolves.

she thinks she was the predator, but in actuality she's the one surrounded by wolves, she's the vulnerable victim among them, 'wanted more than anyone else'. it's sort of a moment of self-realization that she's really, truly, alone.

Edward Nugent Great insight
Apr 08, 2018 08:56AM

I need answers about the ending! Like what in the world!

The family was charged with involuntary manslaughter but it was reversed after 3 weeks because of their religious beliefs.
Linda is a teenager, not anyone's mother.

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