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message 1: by A (new)

A | 70 comments The following quote is attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero which is impossible due to the date in which he lived (centuries prior to the subject matter raised in the quote, and further from whomever it was that actually made it).

“It is as if a Mohammedan, while recognizing the divine mission of the Arab prophet, were to write for his son a treatise on the ethics of the New Testament as better adapted than the moral system of the Koran for the training and confirming of a young man in the practice of virtue.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero, On Moral Duties (De Officiis) & Treatise on the Law

message 2: by Patrick (last edited Jan 29, 2017 11:53PM) (new)

Patrick | 24 comments You are correct. Andrew P. Peabody translated/published The Ethical Writings of Cicero circa 1885. He also wrote an introduction for the book which is where the quote is taken from. It was a musing ABOUT Cicero but not by him. The quote has been moved.

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A | 70 comments Great, thanks for the detail, well I wasn't sure who, but I knew that particular reference to Muslims had fallen out of style since.

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