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Creating a Private Foundation: The Essential Guide for Donors and Their Advisers
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Adding New Books > Please add this book to my author profile page

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message 1: by Codex (new)

Codex | 3401 comments Done.

message 2: by A.D. (new)

A.D. Herrick (ADHerrick) | 3 comments Please add my book to my author's page. Also, can you add a space between my first two initials, this will ensure my books load under my name. I have tried to do this myself but i was denied access. Thank you.
A.D. Herrick

message 3: by Codex (last edited Jan 29, 2017 08:45PM) (new)

Codex | 3401 comments #4: Book moved to your author profile by removing (note) the space between your initials.

Goodreads convention is not to have spaces between initials; this applies to all books.

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rivka | 43570 comments Mod
It gets confusing when a thread linked to a specific book or author is also used for other books. I am closing this thread. Start new ones for other books.

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