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Relation to Albert Morcerf (spoiler warning)

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J_BlueFlower As I read the book Monte Cristo very carefully planned his revenge in enormous detail, including that he was planning to duel Albert Morcerf. There are many small signs in the story, for instance he refused to teach Albert when Albert was about to duel with the news paper editor.

So how did he plan this duel to end? Did he really plan to kill Albert? Didn't he promise not to kill anyone? Even if he did kill Albert it would turn Mercédès against him. It seems to me that Monte Cristo planned exactly what happened: For Mercédès to turn Albert completely against Count de Morcerf. It is just like the inner voice paragraphs does not fit with the plot line.

message 2: by Rob (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rob I think he didn't intend to kill the children of his enemies but he felt that if it did happen it was "providence" and he was not to blame. He felt the sins of the father passes to the child. He didn't intend to duel with Albert but when he was challenged he felt he had no option but to kill him. Of course Mercedes changes his mind and this is one of the dramatic moments of the book.

J_BlueFlower If it wasn't his plan to duel Albert, why refuse to teach him fencing? Something it going on here. It is not just because he does not have time for it. It is almost like the writer is winking at the reader. “What is that supposed to mean?” Why cultivate a relationship to carefull to manipulate him and keep him away from town when the news about his father came out? It seemed to me that all of this was to set him up to the challenge, which he accept very eagerly.

The glove is never thrown. Monte Cristo picks it out of his hand, and says he consider it thrown. He could have talked Albert out of it. But he did not. He wanted that duel and he planed for it.

Michelle Roesner I think he originally did want a duel. His vengeance fueled him through his imprisonment and after as he built a life for himself. But, I think he changed his mind, realizing that the pain we want to bring down on people with revenge is not always the best punishment and sometimes fate has a way of dealing with people better than we can. Which I believe is the theme of this book, and why it is one of my favorites. Also, he realized at the end, that he loved the woman who had been by his side the whole time and not the IDEA of Mercedes and he had wasted enough time living for revenge rather than enjoying the blessings that he had around him.

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