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Dec/Jan This Changes Everything > How do you think mass movements can create a shift in power?

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Christine | 9 comments Mod
After finishing this book, Naomi Klein is my new favorite inspirational woman environmental warrior!! She has given me a newfound determination and strength to go out voice my concern for what is happening around our world.

So I wanted to pose this one last question to you all. How do you think mass movements can create a shift in power?

Have any of you reached Ch. 9 Blockadia yet? It’s refreshing to see that there are millions of people around the world raising hell right now against corporate greed. Whether it be being arrested for a peaceful protest, putting their bodies between extractive machines and the Earth, or speaking out against dirty actions... How lucky are we to be a part of this movement. This is history. This is Blockadia! I remember when I interviewed Stacia in Budapest on successful protests. She mentioned how in order to create an effective and efficient protest, we have to appreciate each others and unify these talents, we need to recognize the huge benefits and opportunities that will result in these massive protests. Nowadays all of this has so much to do with social media and how easy it is to connect with people across the world who you may not know anything about expect that you have similar interests.

When I reflect on Trumps decisions in office I can’t help but think about how absolutely everything he does is all connected. His recent approval of the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines are structures that are racist by design plowing through indigenous lands and sacred waters only to keep lining the pockets of the richest in this country. His only motive is to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Naomi talks about in her book that this protest in 2013, against Keystone, was the largest Environmental protest in US history gathering more than 40,000 citizens in front of the White House. And guess what, it was defeated! And then just a year later in 2014, 400,000 gathered in New York for the People's Climate March!! So if we can do it once, we can do it again! I’ll make a bet that we’ll double those numbers in the March for Science.

When I think back on history’s most successful social movements- civil rights, women’s suffrage, anti-apartheid, environmental justice movement, Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, it all came from a small group of people determined and concerned for their health and their safety that eventually grew into a massive movement. We are the same small group of people now expect that we are more and more connected then ever today.

I have enormous faith for our generation and our future. As Naomi says the stakes are far too high and time far too short to expect anything less.

Stacia | 12 comments Mod
Thanks Chriz for posting this question! I have not gotten to the Blockadia chapter yet but I am definitely looking forward to it :) To answer your questions, I believe mass movements are the ONLY way to create a shift in power and I am so excited to be alive and able to participate in this immensely important movement. As you said all of the most successful movements in history began with a small group of determined people and it is clear to me that we are on the brink of one of the most historic mass movements on a global scale especially with the help of social media. I remember discussing what I felt was a flaw when I attended Occupy and that was the disconnect amongst protesters. There were socialists, communists, anarchists but no clear message or pathway on how to better our society as a whole. Unfortunately, we have gotten to this point in history but we are now beginning to unite and communicate the common good with one another and I believe that is the MOST important factor of a successful mass movement. I feel so lucky that we have Naomi's book to lead and guide us through this challenging time. I look forward to completing it before the Science March and the Climate March.

Can you believe that over a year ago we were discussing successful mass movements at a ruin club in Budapest? I surely never imagined we'd be in this circumstance a year ago but I am ready to take on the challenge with my Eco Warriors!

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