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message 1: by Wtfman (new)

Wtfman yo yall. im tryin find dis boi who spits dat fire. i did my research and think he speakin on yo girl emma. help me by goin to my youtube video my link text if i dont come back dont hate me. i may forget cuz dis aint my type a thang.
i found dis group thang on the googs after lookin' thru his lyrics. i gotta say after listenin to his song and readin thru dis it changed my view on dis feminist shit. i never knew men could be down with somethin like dis. yall crazy but yall right frfr. thanks yall

message 2: by Sascha (last edited Jan 29, 2017 12:02AM) (new)

Sascha | 391 comments WTF?! What the Funk did I just read?!

message 3: by Ana, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Ana PF | 746 comments Mod
Good try, Wtfman, but we ask that group members refrain from self-promotion. Therefore, I will close this thread immediately. Thanks for your understanding!

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