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Read the Book and See the Movie

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Jim Swike Hi,
I enjoyed the book very much which brought these great women to life. The book gives more detail of their life before 1961, which is where the movie pretty much starts. But having read the book and seen the movie, they complement each other very well. I thought the movie was extremely well-done and showed the women as the true heroines they were.

So Book or movie, or both, I vote for both. Thoughts?

Tammy Buchli Almost always I vote for the book. In this case, however, I'm also going for both. The two really do complement each other terribly well. Watch the movie first; then read the book to find out the rest of the story. The book did take some liberties with some of the characters and situations and I think there is value to knowing the 'real' story. But the movie was so wonderful I forgave the artistic license.

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