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message 1: by Jerin (last edited Jan 28, 2017 03:48AM) (new) - added it

Jerin Tahapary Greatest techno-thriller of the 'geek' ilk.

Its info-plot packs not sublime, but still interspersed, still the passages sublimes for the finest geek' minds.

Still, with all its ‘geekyness’ (sic), its literary greatness does not grasp a candle ‘gainst the Techno-Thriller Weird-ity of Tim Powers’ “Declare”.

message 2: by Easytarget (new)

Easytarget Both of your sentences are trying way too hard.

Oh, and Crypto is quite a good bit of fun.

message 3: by Jerin (new) - added it

Jerin Tahapary *hits the 'like' button*

Linda @Easytarget I think some automatic translation software had a hand in that...

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