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Denise | 1410 comments Mod
Please post your suggestions of books to read in February below?

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Mahoghani 23 (mahoghani23) You and No Other You and No Other (Graysons of New Mexico, #2) by Francis Ray

The Protege' of a world-renowned artist, scuptress Phoenix Banister dreams of one day taking the art world by storm. Few people know that Phoenix has a secret that could ruin her career before it even starts. To protect that secret, Phoenix lives a very quiet life-and that means no scandal and no romance. But her well-ordered world is turned upside down when she meets Morgan Grayson, a powerfully handsome attorney. Morgan isn't the kind of man a woman can ignore-no matter how hard she tries.

An avid art collector, Morgan deeply appreciates beauty-especially when it comes in the form of a woman like Phoenix. With her elegant smile and soft, toffee-colored skin, Phoenix takes Morgan's breath away the moment he sees her. But he senses that the woman he is falling in love with has something to hide-somtheing not even his soft kisses and tender embrace can reveal. When Morgan finally discovers the truth about her past, will he still think Phoenix is the woman of his dreams?

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Mahoghani 23 (mahoghani23) Pick Me Pick Me (Kindle Single) by Kalisha Buckhanon

While struggling with infertility, Candy and Frankie, a mixed-race couple living in Chicago, decide to adopt a Black child. Despite objections from their wildly different families, who beg the couple to go the more “traditional route,” Candy and Frankie schedule an appointment with the Department of Child Family Services in the hopes of finding not an infant, but a toddler—a child “no one else wants.” Beautifully rendered in a voice unlike any other in contemporary fiction, Pick Me grapples with notions of race, privilege, and ambition in the modern age – and the strain those forces can put on a relationship.

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Jeannine | 2 comments pick me sounds really good!

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Mahoghani 23 (mahoghani23) Jeannine wrote: "pick me sounds really good!"

I know...when I read the synopsis I was floored.

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Ashante Henry (coxo) | 9 comments Outliers! The story of Success

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Denise | 1410 comments Mod
I have posted the poll. Please go and vote.

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Denise | 1410 comments Mod
It looks like we have a three way tie. I am going to repost the poll. Please vote again. Thanks

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Denise | 1410 comments Mod
Our read for February is Perfect Peace. Happy Reading!

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