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Sarah Scott | 1 comments
From the site:
Hello friends! Over the past few months I’ve been having the same conversation with a few friends: how do we create the kind of change and healing we want to see in our culture? Specifically surrounding issues like racism, sexism and bigotry. Mostly we keep coming back to the reality that we have to be willing to walk alongside one another as we navigate the reality of these experiences. This is one small way to do that and we hope you’ll join us. This book club will be a safe place for people who are in the midst of waking up to social issues within the world and will take place entirely online (via a secret Facebook page). Everything you post within the group will only show up for members of the group – you don’t need to worry about your vulnerability spilling over into your friend’s neighbor’s babysitter’s feed.

Together we will be reading books and creating conversation around subjects that create a new narrative around things like:

Racism, white privilege and white fragility
Growth and awareness surrounding LGBTQIA
Leaving fundamentalism
(and more)
If you are interested in growing within a community that is committed to respectful, challenging conversation around these subjects, please fill out the form to be added. Please know that everyone will be expected to adhere to the group guidelines (and since you’re here in the first place – we are so confident it’ll never be an issue).

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Renee (reneeww) | 122 comments Sounds interesting! I personally am a happily married woman of 40+ years, retired middle school reading teacher, who's also a Mormon. I read voraciously and eclectic. I'm mom to 3 son's and mil to two fabulous dils, 8 grandkids, and we all read.

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