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Rhodes of Sapphire  *living day by day* (rosellinemesprit) | 304 comments My name is Rhodes, but my real name is Breanna. I like Rhodes better because it describes my more masculine side and captures me.

I'm very creative, drawing and writing and creating characters all the time wherever I am, anything can inspire me. One of the things I believe in is that God made us the way we are, no matter what way. He made us in his image, and gave us the freedom to make ourselves the way we can be. I'm a supporter of LGBTQ+ (and am actually a member- bisexual/ Queer)

I'm 17 and in high school getting college credit(but I won't ever talk about it becuz it's not allowed to be shared outside). I have a boyfriend (he's my 2nd so far, possibly my last if things go so well in life) . My best friend is dating my boyfriend's brother (she's already like a sister to me anyways- so whatevs). My favorite quote is "Boredom Ensues" (gunna use that for senior year). My friends call me Bree (becuz I'd rather have that then my entire name- my name's very girly)

I'm a tomboy, and if peoples want to ask me questions, I'm open for them .

Rhodes of Sapphire  *living day by day* (rosellinemesprit) | 304 comments [image error]

Rhodes of Sapphire  *living day by day* (rosellinemesprit) | 304 comments Evelyn wrote: "Hi! So....Bree or Rhodes?"

Either way works. But you can call me Rhodes here 'cause it's my user and people will know it's me....

Rhodes of Sapphire  *living day by day* (rosellinemesprit) | 304 comments 3 random facts about me!!!!

1) I once had a crush on Marcelline (from Adventure Time) when I was 13 (that's when I found out I was Bisexual, and what being Bi meant)

2) I'm a major reader. ( 3 books checked out every day from the library, returned the next day all read)

3) I hand sew. (little things like cat toys and key chain fishies that are palm sized)

Rhodes of Sapphire  *living day by day* (rosellinemesprit) | 304 comments It's so weird going back to my old threads and seeing how much I've changed.

I'm going to be blunt. I was NOT happy no matter what I said. I was suffering and putting a brave face on for everyone to see as I was abused at home for years on end raised to think it was normal.

I escaped from that my senior year ( as seen in my other thread) - only to end up in abuse worse than what I was used to.

I gave birth to my son to be ripped away from him by my ex's family and only within the past year have been able to gain ways to see my son again because my ex escaped the abuse his family was doing to both of us.

My ex and I have our own happy lives sepperate. I technically don't have to be part of my son's life because I had signed all rights away but I'm allowed to see him because my ex knows I didn't sign by choice when it came to those papers.

I'm not going into specifics of the abuse done but it was enough to mentally damage me and give me PTSD that me and my current boyfriend deal with to this day.

Yes I've gotten help. Not saying it didn't work but the next step was and is all on me so I stopped therapy. I learned to mask my health so well as a child that I'm unreadable to most therapists.

In a few days me and my boyfriend will have our 1 year happen. A year of being understood by someone. And if he doesn't understand he asks me what I mean/ or reads my feelings. He's caring and compassionate about me and makes sure that I'm feeling ok not just physically but mentally.

He's helped me grow so much this past year. I've got a job. I'm finally off disability. I'm doing things on my own finally.

I'm finally learning things I should have learned years ago. After years of tormenting I'm finally FREE.

Rhodes of Sapphire  *living day by day* (rosellinemesprit) | 304 comments So a small update in life for me .
Got engaged on the winter solstice to my boyfriend. As it gets colder my asthma has been getting worse.

My co-workers and his co-workers are all getting pregnant ( it's quite funny actually) and most of our friends are having babies too. Makes me wanna take a pee test to make sure I didn't catch the "baby flu" around us 🤣 but considering I'm having a period I'd assume not. I'm also in the birth control nexplanon so there's that too.

My ex is having his 3rd baby ( another boy- that's gotta be killing him he just wants a little girl 🤣). I feel sorry for his girlfriend because he doesn't know how to cover it up his ezcuse always being he "never liked the feel of them".

My poor son's already jealous of the one little bro he's got how's he going to like two of them 🤣 he's probably gonna be like at the age of 10 and tired of all the babies around and yell that he wants to live with me lol

I'm going to start driving in the spring. I finally have enough confidence in myself and my fiancee is willing to teach me too. My ID also expires this year so I needed a new one anyways so timing could never be perfect.

I'm excited for all the new possible things to happen this year and can't wait.

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