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kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 25558 comments That stinks :(

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Well, as you may have noticed with the name change, I have decided that this will not in fact be a journal but instead me simply writing down stories or book ideas.

kavi + alex + noir ~ve|vim~ (percybluefood) | 25558 comments Trelas wrote: "Kavy Jackson Fullbuster ~So everybody come on~ wrote: "That stinks :("

*Sigh* I know. Hopefully I'm not bothering you, if you don't want to read these you don't have too, by the way. I'm just goin..."

it's alright I don't mind ^^ sorry for the late respond

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Book OR Short Story #1
January 29th, 2017

He was laying on the ground, his head unconscious from the nearby explosion. The house had burst into flames unexpectedly and suddenly while the unsuspecting visitors were dancing and partying. Jackson hadn't moved in a while, unable to seize control of his body, unknowing of the incident. The sounds of sirens rose in the air as both ambulances and police vehicles had arrived at the scene. Paramedics began taking stretchers out of their compartments while policemen started to help the living onto their feet. The house's structure was falling rapidly as wood struts and beams fell onto the ground. One bystander, watching the scene from a distance, all she could do was watch in sadness. Vehicles gathered around the house as many came to help but for some reason, Jackson was left alone. The policemen stepped over Jackson, not even casting a slight glance at his body....

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...Jackson continued to remain still, his thoughts blank and his mind still. Jackson hadn't even blinked, gulp, breathe, twitch, shake, much less smile. The house was completely gone from view, burned down to the crisp. Shards of glass lay scattered around the perimeter, one happened to be set near his eye. Except, Jackson never existed, the paramedic that was standing over him never stopped near his body or even saw it, no one felt that Jackson needed aid because he never existed in the first place.... Trelas A. Dyson IV #1

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Book OR Short Story #2
January 29th, 2017
Could be a bit inappropriate. CAUTION!

Harry breathed in the L.A. air and comfortably leaned against the white-coated railing of his balcony. He lived alongside the coast and had a beautiful view of the Pacific, the beach too. Harry had a smoke in his hand and exhaled. Smoke came pouring out of his nostrils as he grinned, this must be true peace, nirvana. He had his headphones in, Chance the Rapper blaring Gospel Rap into his head. Harry closed his eyes, bringing images of his family and friends into mind. He blindly reached for his Iced Tea and brought it to his lips, its sweet taste calming his nerves once more. He fell onto his seat, his smoke thrown, and used his glasses to cover his eyes, the sun brightly illuminating the balcony. Harry threw his legs onto the chair and rested his hands upon his shirt. A women yelled towards his direction, standing on her balcony left of his and waved shyly....

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...She was smiling at Harry which made him grin even more. He yelled for her to rest beside him and she thanked him before climbing upon his balcony. She had guts, he realized. Jackie was beautiful as always and he patted the chair placed alongside him. She gently grabbed his hand and sat. Her stare was intense but thoughtful, and she kissed Harry on the cheek. Both were in a position facing one another, hands interlocked and smiles covering their faces. He laid an arm on her waist and placed his leg over hers. His available hand was gently smoothing out her familiar brown curly hair. They both declared they missed each other and Harry tightened their embrace. Jackie then grabbed his chin and brought his face to hers. She kissed him on the.... Trelas A. Dyson IV #2

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Do you think of what could have been?
Yes. All the time.
Because of the fact that I know it was never possible in the first place.
Never would have happened, huh?
No, I don't believe so.
Are you sad?
Of course. Why wouldn't I be?
I have no idea.
Life sucks, you know?
I know.
Really bad.
But why do we care?
I have no idea.
Yeah, same.
Is our relationship okay now?
Trust me, it was always fine.
No threats.
No threats.
Was life good?
For a very long minute.
Good to know.
Nothing else?
I wouldn't be leaving anything behind, besides you of course, right?
Just me of course.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
I love you as much as the Sun?
I love you as much as the Moon.
Okay, then. Bye.

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Any ideas, everybody?

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Haha! Thanks

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blue (hermiionegranger) | 10482 comments Masi..

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What should I write next?

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Thanks Shine!!

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I think I'd rather die in Oakland. In Oakland.

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I'm just trying to pass all the red lights and the stop signs.

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Anyone dance in the shower?

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