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message 1: by Fishface (new)

Fishface | 12716 comments Cruising by Gerald Walker
3 stars

This slasher novel was (quite loosely) based on a real series of leather-bar murders in NYC, but the author focused entirely on the internal mental states of the fictional killer and the fictional investigators. Well-written, with a lot of densely-layered metaphors that might remind you of Jack Torrance wrestling with his demons in The Shining or the characters in Carrie. Some of the twists in this story were so clever they made me laugh out loud. Long out of print but well worth seeking out.

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Lady ♥ Belleza (bella_foxx) | 3390 comments Mod
I started a current reads discussion, I think I need to edit the title since everyone seems to be missing it. :'(

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Fishface | 12716 comments I looked for it and didn't find it. What's it called!?

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K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 1272 comments 'Acquisitions and What Are You Reading'

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Fishface | 12716 comments Found it, thanks...

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