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Nurses Vent | 13 comments Check out our blogs and let us know what you think. Leave a comment, I will also return the favor.

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John Jonasson (johnjonasson) | 15 comments Many new pictures Daily.

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Ali | 37 comments
Hey everyone,this is my blog about my journeys.If you would like to check my experiences just click !

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Ali | 37 comments my new post about Kos island is ready to read ! If you are interested in travelling tips,you can check my blog !

message 6: by Marley (new)

Marley Engvall (marleyengvall) | 125 comments Chapter 12 of VALIS, by Philip K. Dick

Wisdom had been born, not a deity: a deity which slew with one hand while healing with another… that deity was not the Savior, and I said to myself, Thank God.

We were taken the next morning to a small farm area, with animals everywhere, but I saw – we all saw- a black-haired child seated with goats and chickens, and, in a hutch beside her, rabbits.

What I had expected was tranquility, the peace of God which passes all understanding. However, the child, upon seeing us, rose to her feet and came toward us with indignation blazing in her face; her eyes, huge, dilated with anger, fixed intently on me – she lifted her right hand and pointed at me.

“Your suicide attempt was a violent cruelty against yourself,” she said in a clear voice. And yet she was, as Linda had said, no more than two years old: a baby, really, and yet with the eyes of an infinitely old person . . .


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