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OC means Original Character.
Just post your oc's name and if it has powers it's powers and a bit about it's personality.

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
Name: Chalk
gender: Female
age: 7
personality: Can be a bit bossy, likes to be taken care of, likes to have attention, treats everyone like their her mom
Power: uh... Innocents?
appearance: Has green eyes, freckles, brown hair she keeps in a pony tail, wears a blue and yellow stripped sweater, wears brown shorts, and big black boots 030

She is my best OC XD

JoJo the Bananananananana Man | 16 comments i just use meadow's oc's because i'm not creative enough

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
Jim the Bananananananana Man wrote: "i just use meadow's oc's because i'm not creative enough"

Lol XD

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Name: Splat
Gender: Female
Personality: Tomboy.
Age: 17
Appearance: Short for her age, long, red hair with green eyes, blue sweater with white raindrops ratty blue-grey skinny jeans and orange high-top shoes

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And, For Jojo,

Name: Salks
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy
Age: 15
Appearance: Cat/human With lace up knee high boots and long white hair with blue and lavender highlights, wears a purple hoodie at all times with a white tee-shirt beneath. wears a blue bow in her hair the same color as her highlights

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
. .

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
i like busy role plays -u-

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod

Phoenix~They/Them Hmmmmm who should I make?

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Phoenix~They/Them Hush, my brain is asleep. plus my mind's thinking it sounds better how I typed it

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spoiled. mom died @ birth
black long hair with purple and gold highlights blue striped tee with lack jacket

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Phoenix~They/Them I'll make Specter who is Shadow's daughter in my Future of Sonic the Hedgehog(Some of the powers are not canon to the series but oh well, we like adding a bit of imagination to it XD) group

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.... now go to rp thread

Phoenix~They/Them Wait lemme post her

Phoenix~They/Them Name: Specter the Hedgehog
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Hedgehog cyborg
Can turn her body parts into weapons- She rarely uses this because she doesn’t usually rely on her cyborg parts or even her new powers
Teleportation-Specter learned how to teleport without a Chaos Emerald, however doing this means she cant go very far without the help of a Chaos Emerald.
Chaos Abilities-Like her father Specter possesses the ability to control Chaos energy and be able to fire it at her enemies
Dark energy-She can control dark energy and form it into a ball or beam, then fire it at her opponents, although she rarely uses it since she doesn’t depend on her cyborg powers
Can give others nightmares-She is able to, like her mother, give other people nightmares and use it against her enemies, however she would only use it if an enemy’s guard is down.
She can talk to Shadow through telepathy-Due to having been bonded to Specter’s father, Specter can now talk to her father through thoughts, although it won’t work when she’s in a different dimension then he is.
Can summon Soul Diamonds-Specter found out from the tournament that she can be able to summon Soul diamonds, it is unknown if she can summon it to a different dimension.

Specter is a black hedgehog with red eyes, she wears her quills in a high ponytail. Her outfit is grey shirt, black jacket, blue jeans, hover boots, white fingerless gloves with inhibitor rings. Her cyborg parts are: her legs are metal, her eye is metal and her chest is metal and her arm is metal. She has a scar on her left eye that is faint.
Personality: Specter is serious but kind, she’s independent and hates having to be saved by others. She wants to prove to be strong and went give up on a goal until either she’s reached it or she died trying. She’s not one to admit defeat until death, if she does get defeated she’ll just be even more determined to get stronger. She doesn’t fear death and prefers to hide any negative feelings, minus anger. She cares about her friends and family and will do anything for their safety. No matter how many times she’s kidnapped, or even if she’s tortured, she’ll keep fighting.
Good or Bad: Good
Relationship Status: Dating
Boyfriend: Rio
Sexuality: Straight
History: Specter was born to Shadow and Dusk as second oldest but the one with a lot of potential. When she was a small child she was attacked by Bahayo and almost killed when Shadow stepped in with Sonic and Knuckles and defeated him. After that life or death experience Shadow began to personally train Specter how to fight, however when she was 14 she went on her first mission to stop a fox from selling a chaos emerald and they got into a big fight. While concentrating on the fight her chaos powers got out of control and it hit a bystander who turned out to be a little fox, the sister of the fox she was fighting. Horrified Specter left the scene and after what was displayed Specter had nightmares, but a year later Zero was revived and she ended up having to go to Speed’s house to save Speed from Zero but she was too late as Zero had her and was threatening Specter. Specter disappeared to tell the others about what happened which caused them to go underground. Specter protected Speed while the others fought Zero, until Zero threatened to kill Speed. After Zero had left Specter was ordered by Shadow to bring Speed to her home and protect her there, which she obeyed and brought her friend to her house where she protected her. But Zero appeared in Speed’s house soon after and grabbed Specter, then injected a serum he used to control her, then he forced Specter to attack her father. However Specter was no match for Shadow and was defeated with some bruises. Then Shadow brought Specter home where she woke up and decided she was gonna help, no matter how injured she was. Illusio warned her about a different enemy but Specter didn’t listen to her brother’s warning and she skated to Speed’s house to see if she wanted to help. Once there she asked Speed but she refused, being too scared to face him, but then she finally agreed and Specter and a couple of friends went to Cealondia to help the fight against Zero. During the battle on Cealondia Zero absorbed the Sun & Moon Emerald and showed what was thought to be impossible, he did the same to the Master Emerald and used those powers to become stronger. When he disappeared to Mobius Shadow followed him and used all his strength to make him cough up both emeralds and in turn it killed him. Chaos went to get Specter after Zero fled because he was weakened and when Specter saw her father laying on the ground it angered her so much she tried to find Zero’s energy source. When she found the energy source she automatically teleported to it and began to fight him. She ended up taking out her inhibitor rings and went full power making Zero afraid of her and he tried to flee but Specter wouldn’t let him as she released a powerful Chaos Blast on him and destroyed all but a single blood cell. A week later it was Specter’s birthday and it was gonna be a very unforgettable day for Specter. When Zero was revived he made an alliance with a villain named Dark Caius, and from there he decided to “visit” Specter. Once he appeared he attacked Specter, no one saw him move though as Specter hit the wall and got up. Shadow fired attacks that did nothing to him as he ended up knocking Specter out, then he disappeared with her and onto the roof of her house where he broke almost all of her bones, then he disappeared to Vention’s hideout. When Specter woke up she was in a lot of pain and she couldn’t move as she watched in horror as pieces of both planets began to form a new planet. Zero then took her spirit which caused Specter a lot of surprise. She then found out this was revenge for killing him as she watched in horror as he killed Retuso with a punch. She was watching Zero destroy things and kidnap people as she could do nothing but watch, but when he captured Ray he linked Specter’s spirit to Shadow causing her to be bonded with Shadow. Shadow had gotten taught by Solara how to switch forms as Jade was already linked to Topaz. They soon confronted a different Zero, who was apparently from the future and fought him after Caius’ warnings. Soon after Zero was killed by Elric and peace was restored to Mobius and Cealondia, or was it really. A robot named Dethar came back and attacked anyone with something called a “Soul Diamond” so he can get stronger and as Specter was walking around Galaxy Island she found a Soul Diamond and Dethar, having sensed it, found Specter with the Soul Diamond and demanded her to give it to him, however she refused and they began to fight but no matter how many times she ended up being punched into a tree, she got up, still willing to fight which surprised Dethar as their fight continued, but it ended with Specter being knocked out and Dethar kidnapping her. At his hideout he hurt her badly until it was hard to breath then he left after Shiny was brought to the hideout. He came back later and rudely woke Specter up after seeing her unchained and as soon as he threatened to hurt Shiny she told the truth which resulted in Shiny getting hurt. He then brought Specter to a secret room where he chained Specter to the floor and proceeded to hurt her, including giving her a scar on the right eye. After she was rescued she was able to use the Soul Diamonds to transform and she fought Dethar and killed him. She’s also helped kill Mordrio when he was a threat. Then Vention took over Mobius and captured Specter, turning her into a cyborg and successfully controlled her but however Specter, now gaining the ability to telepathically talk to only Shadow she warned him of what was going on then they ended up fighting and Specter lost and was returned to normal. Specter has continued to fight Vention even after the illusion showed to her. After the war, about a few months later Dash was revived.((I left out parts of what really happened so its not really long :D))
Jet-Older Brother
Alan-Twin brother
Phobia-Little sister
Illusio-Littlle brother
Lily-Baby sister
Other: She’s died more then 3 times and also been revived, she’s been kidnapped about, I think almost 10 times because her enemies fear her strength and want to make her scared of them so she has no will to fight, Bahayo is her biggest fear. If she uses up too much energy she will pass out.
Friends: Speed, Winter, Elric, and many more
Phobia: Claustrophobia
World: Sonic the Hedgehog

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not gonna read all that

Phoenix~They/Them Lol XD But if ya really wanna know what happened in the group so far you can find time to read it XD Now to make me as a Sonic character XD

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
so... do you have any humans OCs, Sonicfan?

Phoenix~They/Them Well, someish but Im a giant Sonic Fan and I prefer different species like with powers

I did make a character for the original Teen Titans who's the daughter of BeastBoy and Raven

JoJo the Bananananananana Man | 16 comments mayla can i go on the food series

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
Moriarty the Bananananananana Man wrote: "mayla can i go on the food series"


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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
SonicFan wrote: "Well, someish but Im a giant Sonic Fan and I prefer different species like with powers

I did make a character for the original Teen Titans who's the daughter of BeastBoy and Raven"

hmm.... ok. Its just that we have human OCs, and it's hard to RP with OCs of a different species.... But I think I can RP with a sonic OC...

Phoenix~They/Them Okay XD

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
SonicFan wrote: "Okay XD"


JoJo the Bananananananana Man | 16 comments i'm here!!!!!

Phoenix~They/Them Ginxygirl wrote: "SonicFan wrote: "Okay XD"


I have a werewolf character XD

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:D con grats

Phoenix~They/Them See

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
SonicFan wrote: "See



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let's rp. u me and cyn if she's still here

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on rp thread

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Ginxygirl Da swag role player boi | 90 comments Mod
FroYo is Smarter Than Sherlock wrote: "on rp thread"

k XD

Phoenix~They/Them XD

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