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message 1: by CC (new)

CC Vep (violetanimals) | 76 comments Mod
Thought it might be a bit easier to see what's in the upcoming months instead of picking it last minute. Please feel free to continue to add to the "What are you wanting to read" thread, as that's where I pulled these selections!

February - Greener Pastures
March - Hex
April - Dead Letters: An Anthology of the Undelivered, the Missing & the Returned
May - Mongrels
June - Lovecraft Country
July - Dead Souls: A Novel
August - The Boys of Summer
September - It
October -Those Who Hunt the Night
November - The Demonologist
December - The Lure of Devouring Light

message 2: by DannyDavies (new)

DannyDavies | 4 comments Might need more than a month to read IT! Hahaha.
Glad it's give me a good reason to carry on with Hex though.

message 3: by CC (new)

CC Vep (violetanimals) | 76 comments Mod
DannyDavies wrote: "Might need more than a month to read IT! Hahaha.
Glad it's give me a good reason to carry on with Hex though."

Figured people could pick it up when they feel like it and have it finished by September! :)

message 4: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Gray (lycanthropologies) | 65 comments Mod
I'm making it a personal goal to read it in just a month. Haven't read it since sixth grade!

message 5: by Chris (new)

Chris (karmaforgotme) | 4 comments Nice list. I might be in the minority, but Hex is one of the best horror novels I've read in years. I just re-read IT a couple of years ago (first time since the 80's), and it mostly holds up. Probably looking forward to Lovecraft Country the most. I promised myself in 2017 I would read several books with a book club group. So I am ordering Greener Pastures right now.

message 6: by Suki (new)

Suki St Charles (goodreadscomsuki_stcharles) | 11 comments Hi! I just joined the group because you are reading Greener Pastures. There are several books on this list that I really want to read (especially Lovecraft Country and The Lure of Devouring Light), and several that I haven't heard of but am really looking forward to trying. :)

message 7: by Brian (last edited Feb 14, 2017 08:21AM) (new)

Brian Lassiter (belassiter) | 20 comments Those Who Hunt the Night, It, The Demonologist, and Lovecraft Country are all on my to-read eventually list. So I'll probably be joining in on those discussions. Hex, Mongrels, and Dead Souls also sound really interesting.

message 8: by Bettie (new)

Bettie Toxic | 7 comments Target Is having a buy 2 books get 1 free deal this week if anyone wants to take advantage. I just used it to purchase some off the reading schedule list ;)

message 9: by Donny (new)

Donny (angrytownsman) | 2 comments So happy to see a Barbara Hambly novel in there. Her Darwath trilogy got me into Fantasy books.

message 10: by Shawna (new)

Shawna (shanisejones) | 4 comments Just finished Hex. Going to try and get caught up with the February reading until it's time to discuss. Overall, I really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to seeing what others ahve to say.

message 11: by Chase (new)

Chase | 6 comments Lovecraft Country is $2 on Google Play right now, for anyone who wants to grab it for cheap!

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