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Reid  Adam (reidmac) | 18 comments Mod
If you've read the book, comment and discuss anything!! What you liked, what you didn't like, characters, development anything!!

Tessa | 4 comments Ok i finished this like two minutes so let's go!! So first of all, i was scared when i started this book, like really scared. As someone with an anxiety disorder i know that books tend to get it wrong an awful lot and offer present it as something that's easily fixed, when it's not. The author did an amazing job at describing Solomon's panic attacks accurately, different people experience them differently but i felt i could especially relate to solomon's.
I wasn't the biggest fan of Lisa, I thought she could be quite pretentious and had a condescending attitude for most of the book. She acted like going to a top college, being heads of multiple clubs, and having an attractive boyfriend were part of the 'High school experience' she craved. I think it's always good to be ambitious but at times Lisa was just too extra for me.
The only big issue i had with this book is how fast everything moves, after not speaking to another kid his age in 3 years, you'd think solomon, who has an anxiety disorder, you be a little more shy or awkward around Lisa? And how Lisa and Clarke spent almost all of their free time with Solomon seemed a little unrealistic if you consider how many clubs Lisa is in, not to mention keeping her grades up.
Overall I really enjoyed this book and I think it showed accurately how anxiety/panic disorders work in a very understanding way which is really important in this day and age. :^)

Reid  Adam (reidmac) | 18 comments Mod
ok so I just finished this book right now!! I agree that the author wrote Solomon's panic attacks very accurately, though I couldn't completely relate to them, I feel that many people with anxiety experience the same things or certain aspects of it. I didn't like Lisa at all, starting the very first chapter from her perspective :') as much as I wanted to like her because Solomon did, I just thought she was too selfish and I couldn't get past the fact that she only wanted to meet him so she could get into a university. I also felt that the characters were kind of bland with all the same personalities, but that judgement might not be fair because there's only a small circle of people, who all happen to be very close to each other. Over all I think the book was really good and it's really nice to see an anxiety disorder presented so accurately in a book!!!

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