Demons of the Ocean (Vampirates, #1) Demons of the Ocean discussion

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Spanish Springs Library  Book Buddies 1. Why do Grace and Connor run away?

2. How do they get separated?

3. What does the captain wear on his face and why does he wear it?

4. What is the name of the ship that Connor is on?

5. Why does Cheng Li wear the

Bonus Question:

If you can answer the Bonus Question
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From page 150.

Q: How old is Lorcan?

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Sierra Beatty 1-Grace and Connor runaway because they do not want to be adopted by the Busby's
2- When they try to sail away a storm hits and two different ships rescue Grace and Connor.
3- He wears on his face veil/mask that way he doesnt frieghten you.
4-The Diablo
5- Her father gave it to her.
6- 702 years old is the age of Lorcan

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